Warcraft 3: Orc Campaigne, Chapter 5


What would be the best way to NOT DIE as soon as the Night Elves start assaulting me?

I try to squeeze in as many units as I can, but I always get killed!

What I had been doing is quickly upgrading my ranged weapons Shamans and getting Ensnare, then using Raiders and Headhunters to try and take the guys down, but it never works too well.

  • Don’t try to save the bases across the rivers, those are gone.

  • Build as many units as you can, and put peons in the little house things.

  • When in combat, try to keep the enemy within the range of the towers and little house things, so that they’ll make your job easier.

  • Don’t waste your money on upgrades or whatever, the initial assualt is the worst. You just need to make enough units to take out what comes at you the first time, and then you can go from there. Just make units. Units units units, that’s all an RTS is about, just make as many as you possibly can.

  • This is actually a very important mission as far as the story goes, so pay attention.

Check…I always DID try to squeeze in an upgrade or two. But I still think I should get Ensnare, att he very least.

I’ll try just squeezing out units and nothing else. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t forget what I said about towers, and putting peons in the little house things.

Tried it…almost worked, but still got pwnd. So I gave in and reduced the difficulty. ^^;

Thank you anyway.

Oh that’s lame, don’t wuss out. A good strategy is to make more distance fighters than melee, get the melee in there and keep the enemy busy and still, and let the towers/house things/distance people focus fire in on the big guys.

I remember that mission…I finally beat it…I don’t remember how, so I can’t help you, but, yeah, build lots of towers, some HH, and get a catapault or two to get rid of a patch of trees just to the north of your base(you’ll understand why later).