I’m still rootin for the Ponies.

Best. Thread. Ever.

Like, man, like… war is… is… takes a drag

Oh, yeah! I like… remember now. War is like, bad, guys. You shouldn’t like fighting. Fighting only means dying, and if you die, you can’t smoke. takes another drag

All I am saaaaaaaying… is give peace a chaaaaaaance!

Pickets… by himself. Douche

No Stupid sob has ever one a war dying for Rhaka.They one the war by shooting the other guy, and making him die for Pierson.Now all this propoganda about Simmer not wanting to join in the was is bullshit. We simmers love the sting of battle!Now give em hell boys!

People have shown their support for the either side in the war by calling English Muffins Freedom Muffins,

and spray painting purple ponies blue.

…what the hell? I thought the Tower (and the #hamlet forums, never 4get) died.

YP, this is an isolated thread of randomness, and besides, it’s being done by professionals. This does not a Tower of Babel make.

Correction. It was started by professionals, but then a bunch of copy cats tried to latch on and increase their ePenii.

I’m sorry my NK parallel was completley ignored >:(

Professional forum posters.

Professional annoyance.

There is no such thing as being professional at being random and silly. The word ‘professional’ sort of cancels out the attitude.

Or professional can just mean “does this for a living.” Ever hear of stand up comics? Some of them are certainly random and silly.

Hmm, yeah, that’s true. Please tell me they’re not being paid to do this :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish. I would love to be paid to op and mod.

Maybe one day :wink:

This just in, a third power has risen up, lead by someone known only as VZ and his legion on undead. There is a claim that their invasion of England is underway, near a small English town of Goldsmith. A slacker named Shawn is trying to fend them off.

Meanwhile these zombies have entered into the pretty pony zone and have been gobbling them up left and right. A Japanese zombie commander called Yoko has been in charge of this invasion. More news on the eleven o clock time frame.

Third party negotiators via the Department of Website Security and aides of the Staffetary of Website Security have brokered a break through in peace talks between the sides of Pierson and Tenchimaru Draconis. After all, any in fighting can and will be a sign of weakness that our enemy Uriels can and will use against us. Expect a press conference from one of the sides detailing their future joint endeavors.

Oh yeah, we are still at Yellow Dog Democrat Alert, a High Risk of Uriel Attacks, but had the war continued, we would’ve been forced to raise the level to Tutti Fruity Alert, a Severe Risk of Uriel Attacks. We may still see a raise in Uriel alert status depending on future events.