War of the Worlds

Hey, I’m attempting the radio play concept with a play that should be more interesting. Way back in the 1930s there was a radio play called “War of the Worlds” it inspired a panic and fear due to it’s realistic, for the time anyway, news reports. It’s about an alien invasion and how the people of the world react to it.

The Play

The roles are as follows and are in order of appearance:

Announcer: A radio announcer, voiced by Eden99

Announcer three: Another radio announcer

Announcer two: Yet another radio announcer, voiced by Jango

Phillips: A news reporter, voiced by Eden99

Pierson: A Professor

Wilmuth: A Farmer, voiced by Mabatsekker

Voices: Random voices

Smith: Commander of the state Militia of New Jersey

Mc Donald: Vice President of the radio station

Captain: A Captain in the militia, voiced by Jango

Secretary: Secretary of the Interior

Officer: An Officer in the Militia

Gunner: A Gunner in the Militia

Observer: An Observer in the Militia (it seems like he just instructs where to aim the guns)

Commander: A Commander in the Militia

Operators One through Five: Operators… 1-3 voiced by Mabatsekker, Eden99 & Jango

NY Announcer: An announcer in New York

Stranger: A stranger, voiced by Jango

The paragraphs spoken by Orson Welles are not really important to the story, if I do decide to keep them in the story I’ll speak them myself. If anyone has any music or sound effects they’d like to add send them to me for consideration. Auditions can be sent to me on IRC, I can be found on the server irc.shadow-corp.com on port 6667 in #rpgclassics under the screen name Jango. You can also send me a PM on the forums if you have your own hosting, same with an e-mail to radicaldreamer113@hotmail.com you can also contact me using that e-mail on MSN Instant Messenger. The Auditions cut off date is the 31st of August and if I haven’t recieved enough auditions I won’t be attempting this again.

Keep in mind that I need as clear of a recording as you can get, preferrably with very, very little background noise. On that same note if you want to audition you’ll have to send me samples of your voice in multiple ‘characters’ so I can get a feel for who you would be best as. You can audition for a certain character but I may end up sticking you where I think you’d be best.

Thanks for your time.

Orson Welles, coo’ beans Jangorian.

Although do something Welles didn’t do, put a disclaimer at the beginning.


I forgot to tell you yesterday, my mic’s fucked so you’ll have to wait a bit before you get my voice. Sorry.

Better late then nothing…

Just pick any sci-fi game, or even fantasy ones, and copy their sfx sounds.

I don’t need advice on finding sound effects, I’m asking if you HAVE any. Not if you have any retarded ideas on how to get them.

If I can get my mic to work, I’ll see what I can do.


Dude, this is way better than that other one you were gonna do. and dont do a friggin disclaimer, thats retarded, nobody is gonna beleive it now days.

I’ll be whoever you want. I got some voice samples if you wanna hear, contact me on aim or msn.

Based upon auditions I’ve recieved the roles of Wilmuth and Operator One will be played by Mabatsekker, Eden99 will be playing Announcer, Phillips and Operator two. I myself will be playing the roles of Announcer two, Captain, Stranger and Operator three.

I’ll send in somthing in the next two days.

I’d like to publically thank Charle for sending me a copy of the entire radio play and a collection of the music and themes from it. All I could find was broken up chunks of the play itself in poor quality So for all those aspiring voice actors taking part of wishing to take part here’s a link to the play so you can listen to it and work a bit of how the characters were originally portrayed into your own adaptation. It’s a good guide to how certain things should sound.

War of the Worlds(Original Broadcast version)

Also, I’d like all of you involved to e-mail me so I can have your e-mails on record for future use when the recording process begins. Yeah, so send dem dere e-mails, they can be blank if you wish.

my mic works :slight_smile: good thing…

Dude- Twelfth Night is an awesome play! I challenge you to a duel! slap

True as that may be this has gotten more support. Instead of one audition I’ve gotten 3. HURRAY FOR FAILURE!