War Of The Worlds vs Parents

Hey, I’ve planned with my friends, over the past week, to see War Of The Worlds on the release (Tonight at 12:00 ! n.n) but have recently run into trouble regarding my parents. First up they’re fine with me going, getting picked up to go in, then not, then are okay with it, and now not again… Arranged to be picked up tonight at 10:00, so I’m thinking now, I’m just gunna go; see the movie!
(The people I’m going with, I know, are all cool)

Just thinking about a second opinion?


Just go and enjoy the movie. That’s annoying that they couldn’t make up their minds about it.

Oh yeah? My friends girlfriend can’t go see the movie because her parents are against Tom Cruise due to his affiliation with “scientology”. They think he is crazy and they want to boycott him for his beliefs… I love close minded people, thier logic amazes me!

I saw the trailer, and really, if they gave a rating to that movie which would make it so that people age 13 or under can’t go see it, then mostly any news program on TV should be rated whatever rating is suitable for 18+ only.

Ah, nice.
Thanks guys. It’s mainly what I was thinking…


199 …

Let me guess, they’re from Kentucky? :stuck_out_tongue:

You know what you could do?

Hunt down the Orson Welles radio broadcast on the internet, listen to that, and NEVER go see that piece of crap movie.

Yeah, or watch one of the older ones. Especially the one when the aliens are funny green things with red eyes.

Yeah. Go watch Mars Attacks, same story told in a humorous way.

I’m boycotting Tom Cruise not because of the Scientology thing so much, but for being a FUCKING CRAZY ASSHAT WHO WON’T GET THE FUCK OFF MY TV. STOP HOGGING THE PUBLICITY THAT’S SUPPOSED TO BE FOR BATMAN. …I officially made this decision when I started seeing commercials for “Worlds” that hailed TOM CRUISE in big loud booming voice/letters and not even a whisper for Spielberg, and when I read that for some Batman Begins premiere special that the show was all TOMKAT LOL and only had one small clip of Christian Bale, the STAR OF THE FUCKING MOVIE.

Yes, I’m very angry about this, and yes, I have been avoiding all news outlets for the last week or so because of it. HISS I SAY.

But ya know, it all works out because between Howl’s Moving Castle, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and saving up for moving, I can’t possibly afford another overwhelmingly overpriced movie ticket. :slight_smile:

Sod your parents, sod the movie and go listen to the radio show.

Boycotting the movie doesn’t accomplish much at this point, as he was already paid.

Besides, Scientology is based on the writings of L Ron Hubbard, A Sci-Fi writer. If anything, War of the Worlds seems appropriate for a person following a religion based on sci-fi.

Actually, Ohio, but same shit different pile really.

Actually, he didnt “already get paid” and boycotting the movie does infact infulence his pay. You see, he has this “love” so-to-speak for Speilberg and did War of the Worlds for “free” because he knew it would be a big success. Instead of a set payment, he wanted a share of the profits and thus gets paid for however well the movie does.

So yeah, boycotting the movie does hurt Tom Cruise. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? Usually he gets his money up-front. Darn, I want to see it, and I hope it bombs now… I was much happier being ignorant you bastard!

batman begins is actually the premeire of tom cruise’s new fuckup in life, Tom Loves Katie. how unfortunate

That’s true… but by the time that you had posted it, I had already got home from it… haha.
But it was alright, nothing BRILLIANTLY BRILLIANT! But nothing is now anyway. It was a good watch, and think, THINK about it to some level of comparison to humankind, and then it’ll CHILL YOUR SPINE!

It’s not the quality of the movie so much, but the undertones that it portrays.


P.S: The broadcast was alright, I’ve heard snippets, and I’ve read the book, and seen the older movie - (which you referred to, Gila-Monster) - They were all on par, at a nice 11. (:


Hey, just so you all know, I have the radio broadcast in my staff folder. Its been there for like a year. Since whats his name was going to get everyone to do the voice acting for it.


here you go.