Wanting a comprehensive JRPG list

I’d like to see a list of every commercially produced JRPG ever made for any system. Since I’ve had some trouble hunting down such a list, I’ve decided to try to create my own. Guidance is accepted.

The Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy series are clearly part of such a list (at least the main FF series, with the possible exception of XI). Breath of Fire, Lufia, and Phantasy Star series also sound like shoe ins.

But I’d be interested in hearing about games that aren’t on the tips of everyone’s tounge when one mentions JRPG. Maybe games that blur the line a bit. Sweet Home comes to mind.

Some of my sources are also sticking pretty heavily to games released on consoles and the early Japanese home computers. I’m interested in all JRPG’s, regardless of the system – even DOS and Windows.

In order to keep a complete list, I’m willing to hear about games that have never been translated into English.

If someone knows of a complete, or nearly complete list like this, I’d love to see a link. Otherwise, feel free to list off any games you know about that should see inclusion in such a list.

Thanks much for your time!

Try Wikipedia.com; they have articles listing every console RPG ever made, I believe.

Yes, that’s part of the problem. They have two lists. 1) Every RPG created for a console system, and 2) Every RPG created for a computer system. Having started to edit these, I’ve noticed first that these lists are not as complete as they propose to be. So, I find myself adding other games into the list.

Second, and more importantly, there is incomplete distinction between Traditional RPG’s, Action RPG’s, and Tactical RPG’s. More importantly, there is no distinction between computer-style RPG’s, and console-style RPG’s / JRPG’s.

So, a couple problems exist with the Wikipedia lists. Do we have all the RPG’s listed? And which ones are JRPG’s?

I hardly think you’ll find such a comprehensive list. You can try GameFAQs and searching under RPGs --> Console Style RPG. But what you’re asking for is damn near impossible. The sheer number of games that exist under that category couldn’t all be possibly listed anywhere. I’m just saying how it is. Still, GameFAQs might be your best bet to some extent.

If you do decide to try and create such a list though, may luck be with you. You’ll need it.

As far as these lack of distinctions go, they generally fall within the JRPG category. As far as I know of anyhow.

The categorization you want is there at TVTropes.org. Unfortunately the list is far from complete there as well. Still, it’s not terrible.

And while I doubt there’s a single list if you get a list of all SNES rpgs, find which ones are jrpgs and do likewise for the PSX, PS2 etc. you could map part of the territory. RPGMaker alone could make such a list useless :wink:

While I would recognize RPGMaker as a commercially released creation tool for JRPG’s. I wouldn’t consider the mob of games created by RPGMaker as commercial releases. So, by specifying commerical JRPG’s, I figure there’s a chance of creating a finite list of such games.

And then there’s also the eternal debate as to what classifies as an RPG. Do you count AARPGs, SRPGs, TRPGs, DRPGs and/or anything else?

Yes, I admit there could be some debate, but I’m not going for an all-encompassing RPG list. I’m looking specifically for JRPG’s.

The kind of game mocked here:

The kind of game defined as a “Traditional RPG” here:

Which eliminates Action Adventures, Tactical RPG’s, even Action RPG’s. I have no idea what some of those other abbreviations are, but that should more clearly define what I’m looking for.

But then you include games like Secret of the Stars or that monstrosity for the Snes where your view changed every time you pressed left or right (I finally managed to forget its name!) and leave out games like The Way.

You mean Brandish?

Btw, they’re remaking it for the PSP.

Yes, Brandish. It’s a pity guys like Dante are long dead, as future players may approach it and think it owes its shortcomings to its age -which is not the reason- and as appreciation of the atrociously bad (or failed) is a skill that ought to be cherished, let’s solemnly stand for a moment, grateful that we’ve known and appreciated the lack of quality of such a game to its fullest extent.

I mean, that thing sucks.

Brandish is an Action RPG. No, it would not be included.

Unfortunately, this also does leave out the far superior Ys series. Again, these are action RPG’s (you attack the enemy without any change of screen, or even battle menus).

I thought JRPGs were any RPGs from J-land?

Japanese traditional RPGs are always superior.

I’ve already become well aware that JRPG’s are not always the best games. See this link also, for another sad example of a very early JRPG.

But, I’d still like a list of what all is available in the genre. Working on building it myself. Wish me luck!

In that article, it mentions that there is a small, devoted fanbase to Stargazer. How does that happen?