Wanted: Lyrics to anything by "The Pillows"

I’m looking for lyrics (preferably translated) for any songs done by “The Pillows”. I’ve done been through www.animelyrics.com but they only had songs from the FLCL soundtrack. Can anyone hook me up with any others?


Those were all I could find. Unfortunately most of them aren’t translated, but a couple of them are.

The pillows rock so much.

Beautiful morning with you pwnz.

I’d also like that link.

Look harder on animelyrics, they have more then just the FLCL sound tracks.


Guh. Eden’s right. >_<. opens foot inserts mouth

But thanks for the other link, Angel!

makes note to self to download the rest of the Pillows songs I’ve missed out on, especially the ones I thought didn’t have lyrics 'cause they were modified for the FLCL soundtrack and upon realization of this made me crap my pants