Wanna see somthing scary? (Warning, its really gross)

I warned you…


According to the person responsible, this is a real dog. The owner said it has a very serious disease (he didnt say what). Granted, this was passed from a friend of a friend… So while I could believe it… Its almost too creepy to be real.

Yeah, I remember seeing that…it won an Ugliest Dog contest somewheres.

Yeah - it won the World’s Ugliest Dog competition.
They had it on a current affair show here a while back.


well thats not helping anyones selfesteem.

:moogle: so is that dog blind or do his eyes still work somehow?

I wanna shoot it…it terrifies me so, lol.

It has cataracts in both of its eyes, which Nearly totally blind it.


That thing’s alive? I thought someone posted a pic of a rotting carcass.

It has like… Claws growing out of it’s arm…

Poor doggy… :too bad:

Holy crap! I want to buy that dog so bad. I’d name it zombie and take it everywhere :smiley:

Its still living?I would love to buy it and see peoples reaction towards it XD muahahaha
I wonder if it’s kids will look like that too…I WANT ONE

I saw this dog a while back, actually. There’s a page on him on Snopes, an urban legends site. Sam, the worlds ugliest dog.

I saw it at <A HREF=“http://cc.msnscache.com/cache.aspx?q=2194391701506&lang=en-US&FORM=CVRE”>MSNBC</A> at one point. Your picture is much better, though.

Meh, I’ve seen those in FFXI. Who let it out?
It would be great to scare children with. XD

That looks like the dog from Dawn of the Dead after the zombie attack. :stuck_out_tongue:


Crap, OFX has quagmire too. >_<

You would.