What are some good sites for backgrounds/wallpaper? Not just of anime, but all sorts of things.



A bunch of cool backgrounds.




Those are the ones I always use.

Those two, along with

Digital Blasphemy blows. I can never find anything there. In fact, so does Deviant Art.

But maybe you like them.


www.wincustomize.net <-- That’s where I go, and I can usually find two or three things there that I can put together a theme for.

I Just make my own, on the rare Occations i want one. The Last one I think I had was a App called XEarth, which made the sun shine on the earth at the Correct places at that time. Before that was June/July May 2001 Several Star Wars Episode 1 shots on which i snapped off the Quick time Tralier Video.

Big Nutter

I just randomly browse around the internet, sometimes I check sites, sometimes I google, sometimes I use DC…

Sometimes I even steal the background from sites if they are cool :stuck_out_tongue: