Just got tickets to my second concert.
It’s gonna be an opening act and then Metallica.

Section 131, Row 23, Seats 3,4, and 5.
It’s also inside, so the sound is gonna be fucking sweet.
Not to mention, I learned how to play my favorite Metallica solo. The last one in the song One :smiley:
Has anyone else been to concerts they absofuckinglutely love?

The Rephlex gig in Manchester last year. Cylob, Bogan Ryzkinski (sp) and some other dude. Before that there was Squarepusher, and before THAT we went to see Primal Scream. All amazing.

Dammit Steve, I’m jealous now.

Good concerts, eh. Well Coal Chamber & Type O Negative at Circus in stockholm was a great one. Can’t remember which year it was though.
In Flames at The Arena in stockholm last year was a good one too.

Awesome! I’m gonna get tickets myself for the Arkansas concert as soon as I scrounge up 70 bux -_-

I’ve been to plenty of conserts in my life. Too bad none of them featured anyone famous.

My brother is jealous. Thank you Steve.:mwahaha:

As someone sais in the chat…

Steve, you still suck… but now you suck with style. ++

lol, I said that :stuck_out_tongue:
And I said that because I just got my $200 effects pedal >.>;
I have to pay my parents back 50 though :\

Is this the Godsmack/Metallica concert? Because I really want to go to that. I’ve been trying to see Godsmack for some time now, but they’ve only been down here once or twice in the last few years, so I haven’t had the chance.

(all semi-jokingly)


lol cc :stuck_out_tongue:
I heard their new album is gonna sound more like Load :smiley:

Sorc: I’m pretty sure that’s who is going to be with them. The local radio station said they were going to be in Fort Wayne (Both Metallica and Godsmack at the same concert), and there will be a concert there with Metallica.

/me is jealous and isn’t allowed to go to concerts since hr mother thinks anything other then classical is Satan. Bursts into tears.

Really don’t know why I used that smiley, but yeah.
My mom <b>wanted</b> to get floor seats so we could be right up there x.x;

Dude, your mom ROCKS.

Me too.
She took me to the last metallica concert and didn’t say anything about the tit-flashing contest other than “well, you’re here. Get an eye-full”

Originally posted by StarStorm
Dude, your mom ROCKS.

I was a bit dissapointed with her, actually.

Metallica sucks now, but good for you, you get to see a band you like in concert.

Gila, it’s not like they’re only playing stuff off of St. anger :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I had caught the Metallica concert in Vegas this weekend. Too bad I didn’t realize they were playing the same weekend I was staying there until we arrived. Oh well.

Rock on, Steve. :smiley: