Let me start by saying, “what the heck happened to the item data thread?”

Now, this thread exists because I want to ask everyone if I should make a site, like or, to put all our stuffs, and give all you guys the password so you can add things without having to go through me or someone else.


  1. If anyone dies, quits, or is out of the loop, the project continues.
  2. No one will have to depend on anyone else to get a project done and posted. I imagine you all like working alone, like me, so this would suit all of us.


  1. Someone might delete or vandalize it while drunk, stoned, depressed or whatever.
  2. Someone could change the password.
  3. All it takes is one person forgetting to log out on a shared computer for all our work to be destroyed.

If a majority of you vote for this this, I’ll do it, and PM you the log in data.
Aye! = Go for it!
Nay! = Nope, too great of a risk.

Let me finish by saying, “What the heck happened to the item data thread? Bring it back, please!”

Ha, I just noticed I could change my thread viewing settings. I see the item thread now.



…although I know 0 about web design, myself.

I don’t see as there’s any risk on my part. I always back-up everything I post, anyway, so it would survive even the total destruction of such a site. And I trust you folks not to go berserk and nuke it, anyway.

I meant to say something funny and encouraging, but screwed it up. Don’t feel like re-typing it. Cheer up, damn you!

I’m game. As far as destroying things while in an altered state, I generally avoid the Intarwebz when I’m in one of those states (recent GFAQs post aside…) so that’s not so much of an issue. And if I’m depressed I’m more self-destructive than disruptive to others (usually.) So…yeah! And I requisitioned Dreamweaver, which is supposed to help you become less SUQ at making webworks. So…there’s that, too.

^lol penis