vote Bush

lets have MTV put him in the nominees for best villian(Farenheit 9/11)on the next MTV Movie Awards

Do you know how absolutelyt worried i was when i saw this? i thought someone actually wanted bush for president. but what you say is good.

You think that this is bad, I have to lie about voting for him since mot Marines are voting for Bush. People get pissed at me and try to convince me to vote for Bush when I say that I’m voting for Kerry.

I’m leaning toward voting for Kerry, but it’s still a tough decision for me (I would never consider myself ‘liberal’). And I still get aggravated seeing senseless posts bashing him. I’m perfectly fine with somebody insulting his POLITICS in an INTELLIGENT manner (in fact, I encourage political discussion when done in an intelligent manner), but insulting the man senselessly is just… senseless.

When people ask me who I voted for after the election, I’ll just tell them it’s none of their business, because my family and most of my friends are conservatives and will surely vote for Bush. Of course, I don’t want to lie to them, but I don’t want to be hassled either, and I think just not telling them one way or the other is the best way to deal with it.

yeah but if were to be nominated for best villian(he is rightfully portraied as a villian)would you vote for him?

Bush is a good president person! Go away Kerry! …I’m gonna get flamed now aren’t I? Hides

Yeah sure…

I’m getting tired of all the Bush bashing as well. I’m voting for him and I don’t give a damn what other people think.

Same with me in the Army. I was a drill though and a SSG in my platoon was real cool and gave a big defense on why he was voting for Kerry and how Bush was illegitimate. I basically backed him up but I found out I’m not alone.

I’m tempted to vote libertarian, but there’s no way in hell Badnarik would win.


Just out of curiosity, why are you voting for him Bahamut? Is it just because of the bashing or do you have a ligitimate reason for it. If so, what is it? I’m not saying you shouldn’t, or it’s wrong, I just would like to hear the opinion of someone who’s going to vote for him.
And kiro, your new avatar is freaky. I have never imagined a catgirl death. Shudders at thought.

Screw Kerry, screw Bush. Vote evil, vote me!

George W. Bush would make a lousy villain; true villians know exactly what they’re doing, and Bush obviously does not.

oil monger

He’s failed at that too. Notice how the gasoline doesn’t cost less but more?

but have you seen a quality villian yet this year?

Yes, me.

Personally, I’m not sure if I approve of either Kerry or Bush. I’m glad I’m not old enough to vote, as I would end up making it a ‘lesser of two evils’ type of choice - a scary thought when one is casting one’s vote for leader of their country.

Yeah you feel bad for not voting for who you think is the best candidate, but on the other hand you don’t want a certain candidate to win. I propose a new voting law. You will be able to take a vote away from a candidate in lieu of voting for a specifc candidate.

First of all, I’m going to say right up front that I don’t agree with everything Bush has done (in Iraq and at home), and that I don’t love the guy to death or anything like that. The main reason I’m voting for him is that I personally don’t think we’ve had a decent Democratic president since JFK. Don’t even get me started on Clinton.

The reason I feel Bush is worthy of a vote is because he acted immediately after 9/11. I always use the idea that I think if Gore was president during 9/11, he’d still be buried in a protective bunker somewhere thinking, “What the hell am I supposed to do?”. Again I empasize that I mean this figuratively.

My father is conservative and I share many of the same views as him. I understand we have to pay for social security and Medicare/Medicaid but I think so many Democrats love raising taxes for them and take their hands and do everything for them so some people never have to work when they are perfectly able to do so. Personally, I could go on Medicaid and get SSI checks because of my medical history, but I refuse to do.

While I’ll admit I haven’t studied Kerry’s agenda and I may be contradicting myself saying some of these things, I simply don’t trust him. His reputation as a “flip-flopper” doesn’t fit well with me either, although I know he isn’t the first politician to be criticized for it.

All in all, I think Bush would be the best choice to finish some of the messes he’s made. Having someone else come in may just make some of his problems even worse. Hopefully his second term (if he gets reelected) will have him realize that there are many issues that need to be resolved within the country and ammend our relationship with the U.N. and others countries so that they will join our efforts in protecting the world from terrorism.