Voltron returns!

How about that, the rumor that they were making a VOLTRON live action movie is true! Along with a (new) animated series to go with it. See here (it’s midway down the page):


I was never a big Voltron fan, so for the most part I’m not terribly excited… but let’s see how they handle it.

After this, I won’t be surprised if the rumors that they will make a Star Blazers movie will turn out to be true. (That’s Star Blazers, not the original version, Space Battleship Yamato, that one has already been done in live action.)

So what exactly is the difference between Star Blazers and Space Battleship Yamato aside from renaming everyone as Flash Gordon rejects?

Killmore: Yamato was a thinly-disguised Sci-fi sequel to World War II, with the Japanese as the good guys. (Note: the aliens are humans who just have different skin color; the world is ravaged by nuclear weapons; the ship used was the pride of the Japanese fleet before it was sunk; etc. Those elements were downplayed in Star Blazers. Also, the SB movie will probably have a non-Asiatic cast.)