Vladimir lenin's ear

looking at his early revolutionary pic it appears that his right ear is pointed a touch am i seeing things?

No, dude, he’s a half-elf.

What, honestly? You’re asking about this now, like fucking more than half a century after his death? Way to be behind on the times. Holy shit.

Tolkien was thinking of Lenin when he was writing Arwen?! You just opened my eyes.

Eowyn is the Queen of Denmark. Think about it.

That’s his left ear.

But the Danes had boats!

actually wondering as i have blood relations to this doofus the second pic mug shot right here and he looks kinda like a hefty lenin. i myself have a pointed right ear, as does my older brother to an extent his son’s right ear has a slight point or did whn he was younger and his girls have left pointed ears

its hard to believe i have a distant cousin on my birth mother’s side in oliver cromwell, which i honestly do

but to think LENIN MIGHT be related to me too?!

that’s true sorry got mixed up that

One Cute Girl!!!

Ya dude you guys are spitting image. You were totally Lenin’s illegitimate lineage.

well the second pic aint me, its a low life blood relation to me
were you being sarcastic or serious?

does anyone know if lenin had family in america?

Comrade, any relations of Lenin who did not join the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were anti-revolutionary, revisionist, petit-bourgeois slaves to the Capital who forfeited their blood ties with Vladimir Ulyanov by their own actions.

um I believe ur signature says that u r in fact Locke, not Lenin…would u pls care to explain to us this discrepancy?

rolls eyes haha

bloodline MAY be of lenin but my loyalty is of locke

in tyler i trust