For what scientific purpose does it exist?

Vivisection can give you more insight on the workings of an organism’s body than opening a corpse. For example, when you open the cranium of a living animal and start stimulating parts of the brain, you’ll gather more data on its functional neuroanatomy than if you did the same thing with a dead one.

I…do not like that.

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Like it or not, you wouldn’t have much modern medicine without it.

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Sinistral! You have failed me! I expected some cool, educational reply but instead I am left with nothing.

Since I am a biased and unintelligent little girl, I should like a lengthy explanation detailing the process of what it is. Because right now it makes me cringe and I don’t see why it should happen without anesthetic :S

I am very very curious about things I know hardly anything about, you see. Actually, I’m just looking for someone to ease my horrified self because I read some icky stuff about it the other night and I want someone to tell me that it isn’t as bad, and cruel as it sounds.

They do it on humans too.

Is it even in practice anymore?

yeah I heard about that…I would imagine that they would be compensated with money for doing such a thing :S

If you don’t like Vivisection you’ll hate this German dude I heard about on the news…


Well, it’s usually when they need to open the skull for other reasons, if I remember correctly, and only if they get written consent.

Pierson, that is nothing to smiley about.

Eeek skull opening not good.

I don’t see much use in doing that…if you’re going to study to be a doctor that treats humans, what use would it be to study the brain of an animal?


Modern medicinal practices ARE cruel, but they are much less cruel than the practices of the past, IMO. And they actually do some good, if you consider saving human life a good thing. Me, Im in a good mood right now. :wink:

There are similarities between other animals and us. Common ancestors, you know.

Yeah. I almost got in an argument with my grandfather because he claimed that doing psychological studies on rats learning to run a maze only tells you about rats.

Yeah, but it’s still not the exact same thing. Although I suppose splitting open the skull of a rat and doing whatever with it is a lesser evil than working with humans.

At least until we’ve figured out how to grow entire organs artificially…now that’ll make things really interesting. :smiley: