Heya guys, I was going through my task manager for safety’s sake, and I found advice about if the csrss.exe file exists in two places on the comp, the one not placed in C:\Windows\System32 is a virus or trojan. I ran a search through the computer, and found that I have two of them. Oh happy day. Still, the other one C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386. They were both last changed at the same day and at the same time, just about one year ago (when I reformatted the comp, I believe). Should I be worried about this? Only one is running according to the task manager.

It’s also the same thing with the smss.exe, which also exists in C:\i368\SYSTEM32. that says it was last changed in 2003, heh.

I’m using Windows XP and I haven’t really had any problems with the comp. It’s just been freezing up when I play WoW, but that seems to have stopped since I got more RAM.

The one in servicepackfiles is a copy created when you install a service pack. It’s basically there so you won’t have to reinstall the service pack every time you install an upgrade like you did back in the days of Windows NT 4.0. It’s nothing to worry about.

Thanks Nul. I figured since all of it’s been there for so long and nothing ever happened, it should be fine, but I wanted to be sure.