Virus troll.

When i joined the main room this evening, i was instantly message by “SF|Swen”. He was clearly a bot. He sent me a link to ( in a private message.

The link sends you to a java application that is actually a flash document embedded with java. The flash document shows you battlefield 2 screenshots, then redirects to He quit IRC as soon as i clicked the link.

The java enables an install into your flashplayer of “w32/Sdbot.worm.gen.g”. It is a just a generic worm, but he is still acting with malicious intent.

<SF|Swen> Hi! AAA whats a cheater:
<devillion> Excuse me?

The only reason i clicked it was because it had AAA in it…i thought it was a ddr score screenshot D:

so what did it do to your computer?

This has already been resolved.

And I just realized that editing out the URL might be a smart thing.