Virus, my friends!

I’ve gotten two messages from two rpgc users telling me to look at this at random intervals during the day. These two are GG Crono and Trc Jak. Do you guys have some comp infection or something? I’m not sure what the links are (some picture thingy, but I’m sure it’s something else) but I’m just giving a public announcement in case it has spread through RPGC-AIM users. And a heads up to these two guys, you got something in your system :stuck_out_tongue:

…I’m sure it’s harmless but it’s annoying, dammit.

edit: Apparently Ramza’s saw it too :stuck_out_tongue: Which one of you has this come from?! Grr. It just tells you to download something I guess, so yeah, harmless. Just letting you know :slight_smile:

The trick is to never publish your e-mail address. I mde the mistake of doing that once and I ended up getting a bunch of spam from various RPGCers about getting breast implants “Just like I did!”. I think Merl was the first one I got one of those from. Anyhoo, your best shot at losing these, is to change e-mail addressses, and not put your e-mail on the net (And preferably make sure people don’t address-book it)

I blame TrkJak, cuz he’s a dumbass

So… how were Merl’s boobs?

Oh no, it’s not email Xelo, it’s IM’s on AIM. Like a window will pop up and GG Crono will say “Look at this lol” or something.

Flabby and lacking resistance [/Good Morning Vietnam Reference]

It came from me. I was too scared to IM you, so i haxxored GG and TrkJak and had them spam you links to pictures of myself. Eventually i was hoping you would have picked up on the hint and fallen madly in love with me. After that, we’d get married and move to the Congo.

But i failed, i guess.

Oh and i have a crush on ramza too, so i made it message him as well. He’s just so fucking hot.

Muah muah muah.

Oh and just to clarify, the messages weren’t sent by GG or Trc. They were automated. Someone made me say this.

I had no knowledge of this. I’ll run a virus scan tommorow, just to be sure. And I’ll see about changing my passwords.

Did they have a gun to your head? Do you need help? We’ll call the police, if you need us to.

With an email based virus, it finds two random names in your address books, sends an email to one of them with the virus attached to it, and says that the virus is coming from the other. Thus, you never know who they’re coming from. There’s a chance that a new AIM based virus could do the same thing, and just send to one person claiming that they’re another person on your list. Doesn’t seem as likely considering the protocol that IM clients use. That’s why I only use obscure/outdated IM clients, like ICQ.

As for not posting your email address on the internet, that’s kinda hard when you work for a website, and need to have that address available incase a viewer of the site needs to ask you a question… -_-

It’s happened to me too. It’s really annoying. Everyone go get an [Anti-Virus Program](ask me or tenchimaru draconis) and an Anti-Spyware Program. Now!

Hasn’t happened to me. Fears it might be coming

Oh, and I’m getting an Anti-Virus program immediately.

Why use Microsoft’s crap software? Spybot Search&Destroy is much better.

All three of you scan your harddrives now. There are several different viruses that work through AIM to spread it. If it isn’t a virus, I’d scan for spyware, as some malware does this as well.

Have you actually tried it? It used to be Giant Anti-spyware meaning it wasn’t made by Microsoft, and was just bought out by them because it was one of the best programs on the market.

O and I think this is what you have

Well it came from someone from RPGC because it’s spreading through the users that know each other it seems. I suggest everyone who uses AIM and is in contact with anyone, to scan :\ That’s why i posted this

Tests show that Microsoft’s AntiSpyware catches 90%, Spybot Search&Destroy gets 70%.

Really? This I didn’t know. I’d heard less than flattering opinions about Microsoft’s attempts at spybot control. Maybe it was something different.

Right, Microsofts responses suck. This is not a Microsoft product, like someone said above. It you want an example of how fantastically they handle security issues, check out their response to the GDI+ jpeg issue.

I’ve heard of this exact thing, one of your aol friends says the same thing the look at this lol or something to that effect. It’s some sort of virus or something and you should never click the link. I’d always ask what it is before clicking anyhow. Hopefully the problem’s solved with virus scans.

Much later in the conversation with the pal who told me about that i gave him this: lqqk @ this omglolroflwtfbbq!!! :smiley: