Virtua Fighter 4 : Evolution

Ah, yes, finally a 3-D fighting game I like. About time too, since people have been pressuring me to play the piss-poor excuse for a game called Tekken 4 (LET’S GO DO 100% COMBOS WITH KUMA, OR WHY NOT USE PAUL!?), and the good but not that good Soul Calibur 2 (Conquest pwns Weapon Master).

Even if you don’t like Virtua Fighter a lot, seriously, at 20$ US (34,50$ CAN, and that’s with taxes), you get an incredibly deep fighter with simple controls, one that has more unlockables and costume edits than your momma, and most likely the most realistic multi-martial arts fighter with interesting characters.

Plus, the girls have clothes for all of you anti-DOA people.

I thought about getting VF4 once. I got Hitman 2 instead. I might check it out this time.

VF4EVO is great. And only 20$.

I play as Lion and Goh.

People usually laugh at me when I say I play as Lion.

$34.50 Canadian??? Thats still really cheap for a game
Most I’ve seen are at least like 40+ ish dollars.

SC2 wins over all >:(


I only have regular VF4, but I plan on guying evolution as soon as I have a spare twenty dollars.

I’ve never really liked any 3D fighters, cos there are no basics. It sounds like Tekken, the only 3D fighting game series I would play in the first place, has degraded in quality a bit too. Unless, of course, you can reverse these 100% damage combos like you could normally. :stuck_out_tongue: In any case, since Tekken 3, Jin and Paul have been overbearingly obvious top tier so fuck it. :stuck_out_tongue: If VF4 really is better, I might give it a try. …But then again, MvC2 is considered better in technicality…bleh. :stuck_out_tongue: