Violence only leads to more violence

And remember, if your bitch* is ever attacked, take vengeance!

*Well, I think Tandy is a female name

Wooh, less dogs in the world!

Rottweilers…I hate those things. They’re freaking bad-tempered. >.>

:bowser: I love dogs…

I hate vicuous dogs… they bite your face off… literally >.<

Hm, I used to play with untrained rottweilers who were thrice my own weight when I was a kid.

The problem with some races of dogs is not that they are violent, it’s the way they are raised. I think over 90% of dog owners are not prepared to raise a dog. So, when you have a big one, if it’s not educated properly, it’ll see anything smaller than itself as either “food”, “toy” or “prey”.

As a matter of fact, when I was in a college of veterinary last year I talked to a few specialists about dog attacks and races. Though there are some races which are difficult to make peaceful - like the pit-bull - the rottweiler, when trained, is considered the best one to play with kids. That’s because they are sturdy, and shrug off some blows as if they were just being tickled. A german shepherd or dalmatian, which are lighter than rottweilers, might become agressive if the kids start poking it around too much.

I love dogs…


Yeah I fucking hate that musical too.

Because I hate dogs. *Nod.

Because cats don’t try and eat the little annoying runt sized dogs. If you’re gonna have a big dog, train it and keep it away from the neighbors and their animals. Poor dogs.

What a lying cunt. I think that punishments for (unnecessary) animal death and cruelty should be the same as if it were done to a human being, which is also an animal after all. If you have the brass to strangle a dog for no reason, then you are probably capable of strangling a human being.

The exceptions, of course, are for medical research, food, self defense, and clothing (if necessary).

Then why not make exceptions of killing humans for research, food, and clothing? I mean, they’re just animals after all.

The 984 brings up a valid point. Also, I’m reminded of a Calvin & Hobbes in which Calvin complains and complains and complains about people who “complain, complain, complain!”