Viewing embedded MPG files in Firefox

I’m finding this fairly annoying. When I point Firefox at an .MPG file, it immediately tries to download it. I’d much rather be able to view it in the web browser and save it only if I want to. It’s perfectly capable of viewing them embedded using the QuickTime Alternative plugin. It just automatically asks me whether I want to download it or open using “mpegfile (default)”, which opens up Media Player Classic (which is not Firefox).

I’m a bit annoyed with the “Manage file types” option in Firefox, as well, which would probably be a solution to the above. It neither allows you to add extensions, nor does it allow you to choose what plugin to use for a particular extension — you’re stuck with “Use the plugin listed here”, or “don’t use a plugin”. Nor do any of the files, either in the “C:\Documents and Settings…\Application Data\Mozilla Firefox” folder or in “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox”, appear to contain the list of extensions I could then edit. Only two Google results for this were even remotely relevant to this. One of them said “There doesn’t seem to be an option in the Manage File Types menu”, which is what I’m saying right here, and the other one said “I don’t know how, but there should be away,” which is maddeningly unhelpful. (Apologies to future searchers who get this post as a result.) Anyone have the remotest bit of help here?

Very annoying, I know… I had the hardest time just getting FF to open PNG files without downloading them once I installed Quicktime. Don’t have an answer for you. -_-

Hmm. I’ve kajiggered with the QT Alternative plugin, and now it runs using QuickTime. This is not an optimal solution, but it works, technically … oh well.