Videos of wholesale destruction!

“What can this shredder shred?”

And they did.

The fridge one is impressive. Wouldn’t want to get a limb stuck in that thing. O.o

wow, I didn’t know watching things getting destroyed could be so entertaining.

Your limb wouldn’t be stuck very long I’m afraid.

They stuck a whole boat in there!

Shredders + boredom == =D.

How much does one of those cost?

Alot. You generally rent them.

I saw “construction and demolition debris.” I knew it was gonna be good.

Destruction is good… :mwahaha:

I could probably take that thing.

For about the two seconds before you were torn into bloodied shreds.
Second 1: Falling into it
Second 2: We can still tell that your human
Second 3: Lanyx salsa anyone?

Meh. There’s nothing involving humans!

Me, I want some!

Sweet! If I get one of those I could run a multimillion dollar corporation, and then destroy the evidence of gross mismanagement AND get away with it.

This could’ve been good if they were mpg files.

I liked how they grabbed the medical waste products with their hands, without gloves.

Not if I get my hands on one

Baby jam!

It’s like a paper jam. Only productive.