Videogame/Anime Character you Identify with the most

I know some will consider this topic super dorky, others that we’re all getting a little too old to have discussions like this, but which videogame or anime character do you identify with the most? And why?

I find Dan Hibiki rather identifiable. Expressive, random and totally dedicated to his cause. Sure, he’s never among the popular crowd, but he finds himself a niche nearly everywhere. And yeah, he can get totally annoying and useless at times, but hey, who’s perfect?

Now, if there was a person who I’d want to grow into, it would be another Max. Max from Suikoden. Keeping all the energy and dedication 'til the old days would be tops, and this world needs more hyperactivity. “Aren’t you like, 50?” “Aren’t you being a boring young person, you? Hah!”

(Is this what the topic should be about?)

Yeah, definitely :slight_smile:

Rukia Kunichi. We’re lookalikes.

Nul: What Anime/game is she from?

As for me:

-Anime: Yami Yugi from Yugioh. Or at least, I wish I were as cool, smart and wise. :wink:

-Video Game: Will Raynard from Tales of Legendia. For similar reasons. :stuck_out_tongue:


Or, as some call it, the <i>slowest manga ever</i>

I would have to say I identify with Syaoran from the Tsubasa series. It’s because I’m seriously falling for this one girl, yet I know I probably will never end up with her…Makes me a trifle sad…


My GF tells me I sound EXACTLY like Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. She even took pictures of the things he says that I say. She found it hilarious.

Hugh Foster.

Even though FFXII’s dialogue was about as juicy as a pine cone, I found I identified a lot with Basch, and to a certain extent Vossler.

Similar Characters:
General Leo
Flik and Viktor (and Shu)

The kinds of characters who aren’t the protagonists but have a clear leadership role and bring a lot of experience, power, wisdom, and integrity to the group. The kinds of characters who give you the impression that if anything goes wrong, they’ll find a way to bail you out.


Duke Nukem!!

But seriously though probably more like Cyan. Namely because he’s loyal with honor, a bit uptight with a strange way of talking, and knows just enough about technology to be dangerous.

My GF tells me I sound EXACTLY like Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. She even took pictures of the things he says that I say. She found it hilarious.

But do you identify with this characer’s personality/situation beyond sounding like him? Which char do you identify with?

Everyone else: go into detail!

Game: April Ryan, The longest Journey mostly. especially her sense of humour. :3

Anime: uh. Lil Mayar from Ergo proxy when I’m alone (see my avvie), and saya from blood+ maybe. I don’t think I’ve seen an anime with a character just like me yet.

Add to those that I’m a metalhead, a drunkard and a bum and you pretty much got me.

Tidus and Setzer. I’m goofy like Tidus and reckless like Setzer.

Zack and/or Dante

edit: fuck those two pussies I just said that I identififeid witrth,. I identify the most with Solid Goddamn Snake, motheruckers. And yes, I’m goddamn drunk as shit as I tyope this! FUCK YES METAL GEAR SOLID FTW!@!!!

Personality wise, I’m a lot like Spike from Cowboy Bebop to be honest. I am pretty quiet, I pay attention to what’s going on but sometimes I just get a bit bored with things and decide to act. Doesn’t always work out as planned.

I just don’t have the awesome bounty hunter skillz he does.

From a video game? Barney from Half life.


Nulani: Don’t you mean Kuchiki? >-) And Rukia rocks. I hate how little she’s used in general. Ichigo is quite possibly the least interesting character in that series.

In RPGs, probably the closest I can think of is Yuna from FFX (certainly not from FFX-2). Although she has a strong tie to her duty, she’s also upbeat and has a sense of humor. I’m geekier though.

Possibly the closest in anime is Yoko Readman from Read or Die. I’m nowhere near as extreme as her, but I also tend to read a lot and not pay attention to things like fashion, food, or my surroundings. As a kid my parents were always worried I’d bash into a telephone pole while walking with my nose stuck in a book (it never happened).

Yes, it’s very ironic that both characters are female, but I can’t think of any male characters that share those sorts of characteristics. Most RPG males are go-getter, brave warriors, or evil, or cowardly wimps. Maybe Shinra from FFX-2, but he’s more annoying than I am (I hope).

I’m with Killmore on the Cyan thing. I am… well, I won’t say I’m entirely chivalrous, but I’m as chivalrous as you can get away with in this day and age. Although I’ve actually been yelled at for pulling out a chair for someone, once. And I really don’t like technology. I have this computer, obviously, but I prefer being able to stay isolated from tech as well.