Video Files VS Prehistoric Machine

I give up, I can’t think of anything else. For almost two years I’ve been struggling to watch movies in my PC with little to no success. It works fine with .MPEG, but when it’s .AVI files all goes to hell:
[li]The sound goes on fine, but the video in incredibly delayed. With some programs like Windows Media this just prolongs trough the whole movie, others like RadLight take a pause to re-adjust them, but this “pause” happens every three seconds. In both cases, the damn thing is unwatchable.
[/li][li]I’ve so far tried RadLight 3.03, Windows Media 9 and DivX 2.0.
[/li][li]I’ve been advised to use an older version of Windows Media, but I have no idea how to downgrade the one I have (WinMe 9.0).
[/li][li]A while ago I found a little jewel called Smooth Viewer 0.3 that was designed to watch .AVI on low-end computers. There was much rejoicing, but then I noticed that while it played some files just fine, others didn’t work. For example, of the .hack//LIMINALITY chapters gotten from BoxTorrnets, it plays 1,2 and 4 with no problem, but refuses to play 3 even though they all use the same codecs. The third file is NOT corrupted, as I can make it work (With the above mentioned issues) in any other player.
[/li][li]I have the ELISOFT codec pack and the DefilerPack. I’ve tried having one of them installed at a time or both at the same. No difference.
[/li][li]I’ve tried throwing down the quality options of the codecs (No Film effect, disabling post processing, etc) and using a lower screen resolution (I’ve even tried 640X800). The improvements are there, but entirely insufficient.

If you have any tips, ANY, no matter how out there they may be, throw ‘em at me. I am downloading FF: AC so you can imagine this suddenly became a priority. Thanks in advance.

If you really want to watch it, what I recommend (short of buying ram and upgrading your cpu) is just to mooch off of another friend’s computer. Someone near you must have a high-end laptop or something, right?

My neighbor aunt, who I am conveniently connected to via LAN. The problem is that I usually have to wait until she goes out of town for the weekend once every three weeks or so, meaning I have to pile up all the stuff I want to watch and see it all at once in an intensive session. It’s been working so far, but it’s a real hassle and there has been some odd problem with the connection lately (Any file over an average of 10MB becomes corrupted during transfer). I should be fixing that today, though.

I was looking for some alternative means of pulling this off by myself, but I guess I’ll just keep it like until now. Thankfully, just an hour ago I found a place run by a friend where they sell homemade (read: Downloaded and burned) DVDs with a pretty astounding quality and at about $15 the disk. It’s nice living in a country where even pirates try to sell quality products.


Nah seriously, you just need to upgrade. Buying more RAM won’t do anything though, you need pure processing power to decode the video, so either a new CPU or vid card…but i’m not sure if video cards are still in charge of decoding video these days.