Video Editing Programs

I’m shooting a movie as a school project. Myself and my group are shooting it on a regular camcorder, so it’s on a small cassette tape. You then take the tape and transfer the stuff you want onto a VHS.

Anyway, I’m looking for a program so we can add things into it, like some small special effects and maybe credits. Any feedback/warez are appreciated.

Check your school’s computer lab. Odds are your school has adobe premier, or some other type of video editing program and the necessary hookups to put your video on the computer.

No good. The whole lab is down right now and probably will be well after this project is due.

But I’ll try to check out Adobe Premier.

For just putting it all together, just use a VCR with a record option, and playback from the camcorder with the RCA cables plugged into the input of the VCR. If you want special effects, I cant help you there.

If it’s more than what Steve offered, ask your teacher how you’re supposed to do it with the computer lab down. They can’t very well assign projects that you don’t have the resources to complete.

Um, no. See, the thing is:

A) The idea of the whole credits thing is optional but we’d rather do it, because it would look more professional than writing our names on a piece of cardboard, then flashing it in front of the camera.

B) Our school board is extremely stretched for money. I’m more surprised that we even have Microsoft Office, let alone Adobe Premier.

When I used to record videos with my camcorder and transfer them on my computer, I tried three different programs, which may be or may not be good : MGI Videowave (version 4, but it’s old), ADSTech Instant DVD (or just CapWiz) and Ulead VideoStudio 8 (though Ulead DVD MovieFactory would probably work too). I never used any of them to add “special effects” and such, so I can’t really say which is better and easier. I heard MGI actually sucked for this kind of stuff and that the other two were all right. I don’t know if that was the kind of “feedback/warez” you were looking for (because maybe you won’t be, like, able to get them easily :P), but I hope it helped.

Windows XP: Movie Maker.
Someone around is bound to have that. Right?

or even ME’s Windows Movie maker, Just that your final piece is WMV files.

Scan the Mags. (uk only) is a good one but rarely has any usable software (i.e. Save, export to AVI)

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