Vibration intensity.

I just bought a new PS2 controller, and I noticed while playing Shadow of the Colossus, that when I hold onto a colossus, and go in to stab, whilst the strength meter flashes, I don’t feel a vibration; but on my PSone controller, it vibrates to what I know it should vibrate like. I don’t know if my new controller is defective, or if the PS2 controller isn’t that intense with it’s vibration.

Is it?

Part of me came into this expecting this kind of topic, but another, dark-minded part of me was giggling over the possible jokes to be made.

I figured someone would misinterpret my title. :S

sex jokes

Edit: Nevermind, it’s adult themed, and it’s not worth heckling you.

I’m just going to make a guess, but maybe it has to do with that patent lawsuit?
(then again, I see seemingly new copies of FFX still, and I thought that was one of a bunch of PS2 games that supposedly also infringed on the patent)

What? It still vibrates, but minimal.