VG Music remixes...

Just wondering what you would suggest for listening. I’m more of a techno fan myself, although since hearing a two particular remixes, Hostile but Cuddly, and Where Angels Fear To Tread - Destiny Remix, I’ve been particularly interested in finding remixes (More than usual anyway) particularly a techno version of Where Angels Fear To Tread, or other SD3/SoM remixes, but anythign would be fine.

Any suggestions? (of course) (still growing, check back FREQUENTLY!) shot for attempting to plug own site

Also, check on OC’s and VGmixes fourms. They usually have links to other interesting stuff not posted. I mean, that’s how I found out about that Black Mages CD. [brag]And who let all of ya’ll know about it in the first place and link to those two demo songs? ^.^ [/brag]