Very Odd Request.

I know chances of anybody being able to help me with this are slim at best but I’m desperate, se here it goes:

Does anybody have a blueprint (I’m sure that’s not the correct expression but you get the meaning) of a coffee machine’s interior?

There’s this new class in my school that is supposed to “Teach you how to learn”. So the teacher basically gives us odd jobs to test our research abilities.

Right now I have to come up with the coffee machine thingy, the Taylor/Ford stages in industrial development and some other random crap. I found everything but the machine.

If the coffee machine isn’t possible, I might be able to pass some other appliance like a microwave or a toaster.

It’s unlikely, but I don’t lose anything with trying.

The best I could do was find this.

Toaster blueprint.

That could work out perfectly if you had the references for the letters. Please tell me you do. :bowser:

You have no idea how badly you saved my ass. Thank you all very much.

That toaster is NOT XHTML compliant.