Very good news for file swapping.

The ruling makes sense.

Yeah, makes sense to me. Ok, honestly, does anyone here who has kazaa or any file sharing program use it for something other than copyright infringement? honestly?

Yeah, there are other things to download. Such as I download TV shows. It is no different from taping it on TV (soem fo them actually were taped). So that is legal.

I read it, makes sense to me as well. You should read the messageboard though, some of the messages are holarious.



now to get them to realise that its pointless to continue their crusade.

I did a paper on Napster last year. The main reason they can now operate is because they don’t actively monitor what goes on their program. As mentioned in the first paragraph, Napster doesn’t have a central server. Translated that means files go between users and never touch Napster itself. Frankly, I think it’s bullshit because as Wiz mentioned, I believe 99% of the files shared via Napster are copyrighted.

I think the real reason they aren’t getting into any trouble is because everyone realized how fun it is to steal.

I dont think i’ve ever smiled this much before.

Cant read can you?

Try again, this time with feeling.

Crazy Americans and their LAWS. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want to download illegaly, just move to Canada- jeez, we got drugs, sex, and illegal music, I am surprised you guys haven’t forsaken Canada as some godless heathen country you need to liberate. :stuck_out_tongue:


I use it to download … pictures.


Yep! I now have a coupla cosplay pics of Morrigan and Lilith. :smiley:

I download TV shows, mostly (I’m a frequent downloader of MST3K). I also occasionally download anime, but only to see if the show is worth my time and money.

I’ll admit, I’ve downloaded games before, but stick to the old ones you can’t buy anymore. I don’t download movies or music.

Okay, now for the RIAA:

They’re assholes that are losing popularity with everyone. Nobody takes the RIAA seriously anymore. Soon they’ll lawsuit themselves into bankruptcy, considering how many lawsuits they have pending. At least they won’t be a hassle anymore after that.

Yeah, see, the US is behind in the times. Canadian courts ruled that filesharing is fine at least 6 months ago.

Isn’t Napster able to operate now because they are charging and sending royalties to the record companies? I’m pretty sure that Napster still has a central server.

Yeah. It’s basically iTunes without the hipster cred you get for using iTunes.

“Filesharing networks doesn’t share copyrighted files. People do.”