vb3 Default Style

change the colors back >.< It’s impossible to read the text, and the images are on a stupid background again. All you guys have done is make a clone of the normal style.

Yeah, it looks shitty.

hmm, I never noticed that. I assumed it was just like the default VB3 style. 984444444444444444444444444444 (I’m going to see if I can default it now).

actually, it was my fault. Making it a child style changed all those colors. It’s fixed now.

Way to go, Merl.

since you so happily posted here, 984, do you mind editing that Style’s settings so that it doesn’t inherit the color options and whatnot from RPGC Blue? That way I can put it back as a child and the other cosmetic changes I’ve been making will be reflected there too.

Quite frankly, I have no clue what the problem with that is.

I think the colors need to be set to the specific ones the style uses. Like right now I bet the setting is set to “oh, whatever colors are fine. I’ll just use the parent’s if it comes to that.” We want a style more like “ah bitch NAW! I’m usin’ my colors and there ain’t shit you can do 'bout it!”

NO! Leave it! If it isn’t under the RPGC Blue style, then it doesn’t get affected by the stupid Favourite etc. items in the sidebar.

maybe I’ll change just that one so as only to bother Xelo.