Valkyrie Profile question

Do the dragon zombies in the Oddrock Caves respawn when you come back? I was just wondering because if so it’ll make a great leveling place for a while.

Yes they do and yes it is. Later on the game check the Arkdain Ruins though, you can train there forever without even reentering.

fucking rock. my mage is capable of damaging them (takes like 6 spells to do it) so I can sit there and pummel them with 1 damage hits and get scores of crystals. I guess I won’t have to be picky about who to use any more… tis a shame I don’t have Badrach yet >:-)

This thread has reminded me how badly I need to find some new VP ISOs and finally complete the final stage. Fuck you, freezing-after-defeating-the-final-boss old ISOs. >:E

If it’s the A Ending (The one that’s hard to get) then you aren’t missing much. Just a five-second anime cut-scene and Brahms and Lezard being dark, ominous and absolutely irrelevant for another minute.

In the event that I get I real connection, just gimme a yell in IRC, pie. With luck that will happen next month some time

While I hate double posting, I have another question and this is here.

I’m stuck in the Sunken Shrine. I’m at the part where you raise and lower the water to get places, and there’s this room with kind of a piston in the top of it that forces water out of the top part of the room when you hit a ball at the bottom of the room. There is a door at the bottom that is obviously meant to be use to loop back out of the room when your way to the top is blocked off, but there is a big stone plate in front of it that I don’t know how to get rid of.