Valkyrie Profile for the DS




They should port FFT to the DS too; Cid is whetting my appetite

Goddamnit tri-Ace, don’t fuck this up.

Seconded. I’m almost positive that it will be awesome in most aspects, with one or two gameplay bits that turn it from being fun to being annoying as hell, but still good enough to finish.

Rigamarole: FFT:LotW is way too nice for the DS. The new cinematics are gorgeous. You really need to grab a PSP if you want to appreciate it. :sunglasses:

I have a DS and PSP, and so far, while the DS has had enjoyable and fun games, the games that have been truly challenging, entertaining, and beautiful have been on the PSP.

I only have a DS, so I’m pleased, but it doesn’t say that it’s being released in the States does it?

AH! So that was the undisclosed Tri-Ace game.

Damn it though! I’m having enough trouble keeping up with all the games coming out right now to worry about new games in the future (I still have yet to finish both VPs and SOs ;_;). Thank god I won’t have to worry about this game until 2010.

Oh oh oh oh oh… oh, it’s not a remake. :frowning:
VP2 was looking beautiful on my TV, and it was making me nostalgic, so I had my hopes up.

:too bad:

Wow, that story sounds really intriguing. I can;t wait to see it.

There already is a remake of VP. It’s on the PSP. 8p

Yes, but I don’t want to buy a PSP to play it, lol, I’m so bad. :slight_smile: Maybe when my guy gets back up here I’ll finangle his out of his hands… he’s never even used it!


It looks awesome. I don’t agree with the comment about the teaser on the website though. DS should be able to handle VP’s gameplay, probably not Silmeria’s, but I don’t see why it couldn’t take Lenneth’s battle system. Ah, never mind, I suppose I misread it a bit.