V Gundam fun and other Twilight Translations goodies

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twit/vgundam/vscreen001.png”>

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/subsites/twit/vgundam/v_eng%200000.png”>

I just had to show that to someone. I’m hella proud. :slight_smile:

DBZ3 News: All of the scripts have been translated. O_O Now I just have to add the ASM hacks I want in there and we’ll be ready to release.

DBZ2 News: I believe, the fellow who PLOWED through DBZ3 is going to finish up what was left of Shogetsu’s work.

DBZ1 News: Just waiting on a chummer of mine to finish whacking off some of the script so the bloody thing will fit.

Spidey News: Nothing really. The scripts being translated slowly but surely.

Z Gundam News: Mukimuki (DBZ1 guy) is helping me out by translating this. :slight_smile:

Gaiden News: Well, Cro’s still dumping text (haha >_>).

I think that’s it. Any questions?

Yeah, Gaiden’s coming along slowly on my behalf - probably because I didn’t touch the thing for months while waiting for translators (in doing that, I forgot a lot of what I had learned). My fault though. I’m making up for that now, so it should be done in the near future.

edit: Forgot to mention that the scripts are fucking scattered, so thats why I’m still dumping

Nice news, it seems your translations are advancing quite well, I’m sorry that I didn’t translate too much for you, it would help and save some time to the new translator.

I’m curious, don’t you have an official site?


I just didn’t think this merited a site update. :slight_smile: