Ut 2k4

Yes, the demo came out yesterday, from what I’ve seen so far of this game, it looks to be a major improvement on the prior titles. The only problem I see with it is the introduction of vehicles, which could turn it into another Tribes or Halo clone.

I’m downloading the demo right now, once I’ve played it for a bit, I’ll let you all know what I think.

Here’s a link to some sites with the download: http://www.atari-webcenter.com/friends/?module=friends&action=viewDownload_page&id=20

In the meantime, Gamespy seems to have been completely taken over by UT 2K4 fans, so just visit the site and you can’t miss articles about it, but in case you are blind and obviously shouldn’t be using the computer, here: http://www.gamespy.com/landing/ut2004/

First off, this demo is one of the most fun-filled activities I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking part in. I mean it’s UT, so I knew it was gonna be fun, but bo-hoy.

I found myself sitting here just playing it offline against the bots after I downloaded it yesterday and before I knew it, it was 4:30 AM. That was 4 hours just playing it offline. Where the hell did the time go?

Anyways, I picked it up again today and played it online for another 6 hours until I thought I really have to post what I think about it, so here we go.

This thing plays like a dream, while my computer’s ok, it isn’t exactly the cream of the crop, but with a 128 MB card, I was running it on almost full graphics and I was still getting a very nice FPS of about 60. The graphics aren’t exactly phenomenal or ground-breaking, compared to some games coming out soon, but the performance is mind-blowing.

As I’m sure any of you who have been following this have heard, there are 2 more game modes: Assault and Onslaught. First off, I’ll talk about onslaught.

Onslaught is THE mode to play if you want to blow shit up in a big way or just drive around ripping people’s heads off as you fly over them in the Manta (which I spent like half an hour doing). It is so much fun. While the vehicles DO look like they’ve come straight out of Halo or Tribes, they do have that UT quality and weaponry about them.

Take the Hellbender: Looks like a run of the mill Army buggy. One weapon shoots a high energy laser weapon that you can charge up, creating one hell of a light beam, the other weapon shoots skymines that look strangely like plasma balls. Now these balls dissappear once they touch anything, however, alt-fire and they all send a massive energy charge to each other, blowing them all up in a frenzy of plasmaic fire. Or if you prefer, go with the Scorpion: First weapon shoots out a green energy rope. Doesn’t sound like much, but if used right, it can keep an enemy vehicle trapped against a wall, or tighten around the enemy taking off a lot of damage. Then there’s also the alt-fire, which lets you kill enemies in the old fashioned way of chopping them to bits. Alt-firing unleashes massive blades on the two sides of the scorpion, cutting off a fair chunk from a grunt. However, the blades can be broken off if they hit a wall or another vehicle.

The main point of Onslaught is to capture nodes strewn across the map, once you have a chain of them, you can attach the enemies base and power reactor. Sounds simple enough, but with vehicles spawning at every node, it can get very hectic very fast. This mode is the most fun, you can either go at it all out, guns blazing or use a very strategic approach, either way has an equal chance of winning because the balance of power can switch so much and so easily.

Now let’s talk about Assault: it’s made a comeback from the original UT and it has been VASTLY improved for online purposes. This game shines a lot more online than it does offline. The problem this had online on UT was that it wasn’t very streamlined at all, and it took aeons switching between defense and offense. This has all been changed. It takes a matter of seconds to switch between offense and defense in 2k4 and it is also so much more of a challenge.

It’s also so easy to arrange your team now, with the addition of voice chat. You just have to press F and you can talk down the mic. This is great online as chatting causes no slowdown to the game whatsoever.

Now of course there are the new weapons. All of which I don’t think much of at all, give me a Flak Cannon or Minigun anyday.

All in all, I really cannot wait until this game comes out. See you in the tournament.

Think they’ll make it for PS2 as well? They did with the original… and this’ll probably be too much for my computer.

I got it… It looks interesting, but I have to get used to it. We shall duel… on the battlefield!

I’m downloading it right now. I actually liked UT, but it had a LOT of problems. Here’s hoping it works out…and I don’t lose all my cash on subscription fees (which probably exist now or will exist in the near future).

Originally posted by Gamespy
One vehicle we hadn’t seen much of before is the massive Leviathan, which could best be described as Unreal meets Transformers. To give you some idea how massive this vehicle is (which only appears on a few Onslaught maps), we placed one character next to the slow-moving beast, and he was barely half as tall as one of the tires. The Leviathan has four separate turrets that can be mounted by individual players, but the real fun begins when you set it down and switch to its alternate mode. In a transformation that would make Voltron proud, the behemoth rapidly turns into a massive mounted cannon – if you see it setting up camp near your base, be prepared to hit it with everything you’ve got … and take some serious damage in the process.


Yeah, I can’t WAIT to see that thing, the only problems with it are that it needs 5 people to deploy and it is very susceptible to A2G attacks once it’s deployed. Still gotta be way cool to see it in action though.

Also, if anyone wants to play with me (heh heh), I’m always using the name Urkani on there, and I’m usually on the multiplay.co.uk onslaught #5 server.

Originally posted by Urkani
Yeah, I can’t WAIT to see that thing, the only problems with it are that it needs 5 people to deploy and it is very susceptible to A2G attacks once it’s deployed. Still gotta be way cool to see it in action though.

No shite. As for Air to Ground assaults, it’s why you keep 1 or 2 peeps as top guns providing aerial support. :get it?:

Yeah, I just love taking down raptors with my lightning gun rather than top gun it though, its so funny watching them fly around aimlessly trying to dodge :P.

I prefer fighting air to air, I’m not that much of a fan of the lightning gun since it cuts your sight range so badly (Sure, you see zoomed in, but you’re vulnerable to close ranged threats) so I prefer the shock rifle for AA lasering, or the AVRiL at worst. But I’m at heart more of a air to air combat person, because I just love dodging missiles.

It’s fun but the default bot AI isn’t smart enough, I regularly got “Dominating” and “Unstoppable.” The tank is also a little unbalanced in onslaught, you can drive it into the enemy team’s base and you’re basically sure to get at least “Dominating” before you get killed.

Best UT thread ever: http://www.ataricommunity.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=349787

UnrealTorny can be discribed in one word: Caos! Even in of itself it is a good game, but I have another reason to get it located here: http://aut.action-web.net/
I can’t wait to get the full game!

But my best moments is ing dog fights in raptors…helava fun!

Suck. It. Down.

(The game came out, yes.)

I’ve been wanting a good online FPS, and this seems to fit the bill nicely. I got the demo, and I like what I see.

Just out of curiosity, does this game still feature the “Redeemer” that I’ve heard so much about in the previous incarnations?

Yes, in the onslaut map that comes with the demo, you will find it located ontop of the big tower in the center of the map. When used as a trump card it can take out a node with ease…and a big chucnk of the reactors too…

EDIT: I have it now too