using fonts

I would like to use a font that is not native to windows. It is a TTF. Is there anyway that I can have the shrine incorporate the font or will it have to be installed on every persons computer that accesses the site? Simply putting it in the shrine folder will not do.

legalize freedom!

Sorry, but if the person viewing the shrine doesn’t have that font, it won’t show up on his computer. Stick with the templates when making websites.

I’m using the templates…that doesn’t restrict your font choice. You still have to use formatting (font, text size, etc.) to get the right look.

Do all the shrines here use the same font? If so what is it?

Thank you

legalize freedom!

They pretty much all use the same font, yes. It’s defined in the site-wide CSS (so it isn’t put anywhere on the page itself). We’d like to keep it that way for consistency’s sake.

edit: never mind