Useful aplications

Ok, in risking sounding like a complete moron, im wondering about a few different apps. What are a few good things about opera (and bad too), and Linux (i know its a OS and not a app, but bear with me). Also, are there any other useful programs for me to get?

<img src=“”> Opera: Webbrowser, conforms to standards better than IE, blah blah, I don’t like it, try it out yourself.

Linux: You get to emulate windows to run the apps your familiar with, or learn crazy Open Source alternatives, as well as not knowing at all what to do unless your Linux is a Windows clone, which pretty much ruins the point.

+All in one window which saves room on your task bar
+Has some nice customization options
+Can change identity to allow you to visit sites that are designed for IE, Netscape, or even some bizarre browser type some fool designed it for
-Not compatible with some websites last I checked, but rarely

+Can dual boot with Windows and makes it easy to do so
+It is faster for me than Windows
+Multiple desktops means a lto more customisation
+Many clones for popular Windows programs
+Many different flavors means you get a choice about what you want
+It’s free
+More security, viruses aren’t really a problem and neither is spy/ad-ware
-Games generally don’t work with it, there are ways to get some to work, but it is just harder
-Installing sutff is also harder in general
-It’s just plain harder than Windows
-Limited multimedia support
-Some newer hardware may not be supported, I only had a problem with modems in general on all distros, and sound card on old distros, but soudn is great on all the new ones, but it all depends on yoru hardware, but generally not too big of a problem on newer distros.

Other apps, huh? You might want to be more specific in the kinds of apps you want.