…And you know the media in England is blaming this on Star Wars.

Idiots and fire are like we men and sex. We don’t need a reason, just a place.

[OH SHIT EDIT EDIT EDIT] In a copycat case, the Orlando Sentinel reports that a man disguised in a Dark Vader mask, Star Wars T-shirt and black pants, robbed a pizza delivery man in Kissimmee, Florida, on Sunday night.

According to Osceola police, someone phoned in an order with Pizza Best and delivery driver Alfred Santos took the call. Upon making the delivery, Santos told investigators that the masked man pulled out a stun gun and zapped the driver when he refused to hand over his cash. [/TIDE TIDE TIDE TIHS HO]

That’s not a tazer, that’s fucking FORCE LIGHTNING!

I’m just impressed that he used a psuedoappropriate weapon, not something so clumsy or random as a blaster.

Most impressive.

This is pretty much the perfect reply to this thread.

Funnier than the Star Wars kid. dt should get the poster from on Idiocy: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Vader flashes his sabre.

Oh man… :hahaha;