Urban Dead

I’m sure a lot of people here are already playing it, as I’ve seen what I believe to be some of you hanging about the place. Still, it bothers me that we have no thread here on the forums.

For those of you who don’t know: www.urbandead.com
Read the FAQ before you sign up too, save yourself from being confused.

Anyway, here’s me:
Been hanging around Giddings Mall, after Santlerville got overrun. I’ve been doing a lot of work round here to keep the place alive, as I’m expecting it to be the next big target for zombie groups.

Baha, I’m in giddings as well, i think southeast corner. http://urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=120382

Edit: Gil, you should get shopping next, seriously, I’ve found as much ammo in 50AP in the mall as i have in 5-10 days at a PD.

Yeah, I think I’ll take shopping next. Zombies keep kicking the door of the police station down anyway.

sings Keep yourself aliiive!
Keep yourself aliiive!
Spendin’ all your time and-a money
To keep you satisfied!

I’m sorta anxious for a big zed attack, cause I have like a 2 day supply of ammo at this point.

Well, looks like some zombies are trying to take control of Pitneybank, which means the mall will be the main target. I wonder how long we’ll last?

Also, looks like I really, really need shopping. In 30APs searching a police station, I found more flak jackets than anything else.

I exist in that game… My human character just died, but my zombie is doing decent.

If your human now zed is within walking distance I could rez him for you if you want.

Looks like various zombie groups have finally decided to attack Giddings. They keep getting in, then blasted out. All other nearby safehouses have fallen too. I guess we’re screwed then.

Not even, the first time the Many attacked I believe there was almost this many, and like half the human numbers. 259 zeds outside the SE corner last time i checked, with another 39 in reserve 2 blocks away. I was in the SE…now im in the NE because there are like 70 others there. Also, none of the nearby areas have fallen, everything is at EH except for like the Chetham building 2 E of SE.

I’m in Jensentown and I haven’t seen very little but zeds in days. Every now and then some wanker’ll headshot me or someone will stop by and take a dna sample, but that’s about it.

Looks like mr. dt is dead. Good job I ran away on the very last day of the siege.

Yeah, stay away from Shore Hills, I just ran from there (thank god I leveled and got free running), there are like a billion zombies.

Also the UD Navigation Firefox Extension is mega-useful.

This looks pretty interesting, I’ll give it a try. Any advice?

Read the Wiki, and don’t start as a class that has trouble gaining exp early in the game.

I choose Private, emptied 18 rounds on a lone zombie hitting only twice and went to sleep on a “strongly barricaded” hospital. That was fun, see you tomorrow.

Yeah, I died, forgot I dont have lurching gait, got bored, stopped touching it.

The best advice I can give is to take free running, then shopping and go hide at a mall someplace out of harms way. Then retreat to another mall when trouble finds it’s way to your mall.

I’ll get free running, but I have a doubt: Shouldn’t I upgrade my [Whatever the pistol skill is called] so my accuracy goes up before getting shopping? I don’t see the point in having heaps of ammunition if I waste 30 AP on failed shots.

I’d suggest you to get Pistol Training and Shotgun Training before ever thinking on touching Free Running. Sure, going into malls rocks, but getting lots of ammo is useless if you can’t hit worth shit; besides, having a 55% chance of hitting with both weapons is going to allow you to get XP much faster, so you’ll be get Free Running, Shopping, and Bargain Hunting in no time.