Ur-Quan Masters/Star control 2

I felt that this should be brought up, after mentioning it in another thread. Star Control 2 is a great game, where you play as the captain of a starship (and inevitably a whole rebel fleet- I’m not giving this away, this becomes apparently relatively early), working to free humanity from the Ur-Quan. The big reason I mention this is because they’ve remade the game as open source, though they had to change the name to the Ur-Quan masters (they still had the liscense to the game and its content, but not to its name for some reason).

The best reason for you to check this out is because not only is the game great, but its free. Its rather humorous, and the game mixes freeform RPG dialogue, freedom of movement, a ‘super melee’ combat system (kinda derivative from Asteroids, but you shoot other ships instead of asteroids, and more variation in weapons etc), resource management, all into one unique package.

anyways, check it out

Ah I love this game. Back in high school my friends and I would play melee mode for hours on end.