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First Chapter

Our story begins on a lovely fall day in November. It also begins with a lovely lady by the name of Sarah. A noble princess with a heart full of love, her eyes the colour of sapphires and locks of gold, her beauty is well known throughout the land! Now before you begin thinking that I am telling you a fairy tale, let me warn you that this is no ordinary fairy tale. It is a dark one, full of evil and madness, along with some love and courage. ‘Bah!’ You think, ‘All fairy tales have that.’ But I did warn you, and I will repeat myself. This is a special fairy tale. For while Lady Sarah is full of light and love, willing to defend justice and good, she has a twin sister. “Ah!’ you think. “I know this one, the sister is evil and full of hate for her sister and everyone!” But! You are wrong my friend. While her sister seems to be the darker half, she is good as well perhaps just as good, but she does have a dark spot as everyone does. And in this story we will see how both sisters triumph over evil in the world and within themselves.
Now back to Lady Sarah. She was sitting one day outside close to a fountain. Sitting precariously on the fountains ledge with a book in her hands her eyes devoted to it, she taps her foot in an impatient manner looking up every so often. Watching her it is apparent that she is waiting for someone. She seems nervous her blue eyes showing some anxiety behind her gold rimmed glasses and her smile slightly forced as she glances from her book to her surroundings. Going back to reading her book she is unaware of the intelligent green eyes watching her and looking her over. Garbed in a blue shirt with a leather vest over it, and some white pants she doesn’t seem very genteel, and the large hunting boots she wears on her feet are quite the opposite of ladylike. A sword hangs at her side, along with some pouches. Her head jerks up as if she feels someone watching her and she looks around a brow quirked her braid whipping around as she moves her head. After a moment her blue eyes meet the set of green and there is a pause before Sarah stands.
About 12 yards away a young woman who looks almost identical to Sarah is standing poised for action. Her own hair a darker blonde and her eyes the colour of emeralds, but they are the same in build and height. This woman is dressed in an adventurers garb, a forest green shirt and black vest, along with a olive coloured cloak. Her legs are covered by black pants and she has moccasins on her feet that lace up to her knees. Looking each other over for a moment in a shocked manner Sarah is the first to recover her speech as she steps foreword a few steps asking, “Emmy?”

Upon hearing her childhood nickname the green eyed woman nods and the run foreword to embrace each other happily tears of joy trickling down bother their faces as the sisters were reunited at last.
“Oh Emmy I missed you!” Sarah says as she clings tightly to Epiphany glad to have her other half with her once more.
“Me to Sapphy….” Epiphany whispers holding just as tight. They withdraw smiles on their faces as they wipe tears from their eyes. Since they were eleven they had been separated, at their parents discretion when war had swept their homeland of Callista, not wanting to risk the future of the kingdom they had sent them off to other lands until the war ended. Sadly, it never did. Their parents dead and their homeland destroyed they had been forced to remain where they were. Epiphany stayed with a family under the name, Starrya, and while treated decently at first, once the Mother died (they were a matriarchal society) and the sister took over, she was treated like a slave. She was trained in magic at about 14 and began to develop and excel with her use of magic. This earned her a better spot, but even so, she still felt alone and not really wanted. Training for years and moving a few times she began to look for Sarah. She was not hard to find as she had excelled in her studies and looks and was fairly well known in the kingdom she had been raised in. Sarah had been raised by Opal, who ran a finishing school in which Sarah had attended once she was old enough. She learned many things and picked up some magic while learning some very basic weaponry. She was fairly popular and well known through out the land as she helped when and where she could with her talents. So popular she became that villains and suitors often attempted to kidnap or kill her repeatedly, why, she wasn’t sure but she found it annoying.

Now all this history Sarah and Epiphany shared on their first day being back together. Within the first couple of weeks they had relived their lives together and had discussed everything from what they had done as children, to their first menstrual cycle. Close as they had been when they had been separated soon people began to call them by the nicknames they had received as small children. Sarah the Sapphire and Epiphany the Emerald. There names suited them; first off they had blue and green eyes respectively, and second there favorite colours corresponded as well. Both of them always wore green or blue, and it was a rare day you could find them in another colour. So as the months went by and they began to build there lives together one event occurred that seemed to stick out among all the others in their drama filled lives, and this in fact is where the actual story picks up.

Now since Sarah was having issues being attacked and kidnapped quite often she had decided to learn to defend herself since more often then not the only thing she was able to do was bite, kick and scream. Even though she had Emmy to protect her more often then not, she was tired of everyone rushing off to defend her every time some small town villain thought Sarah would be a quick way to earn some money if used as a hostage. So as a result she had enlisted the help of her friend Steele who was a skilled swordsman for lessons. These lessons often turned out quite interesting, more often then not.


A loud noise of frustration pain and anger rent through the air sending several nearby birds scattering. The source of the noise was Sarah as she stood wearily in a ring of fenced off dirt that was used for training. A few feet away Steele stood trying unsuccessfully to hide a smile while Epiphany giggled from where she watched at the fence.

“Having some problems sis?” Emmy called out as she perched on the top bar of the wooden fence.

“No.” Sarah said in a determined, if a bit sulky, manner.

In fact though, Sarah was having some problems at the moment. Steele was attempting to teach her a move that involved a complicated thrust, that if done correctly would disarm the opponent. And while Sarah was actually getting decent at basic swordsmanship, this move was proving a challenge. Not to mention her arms were tired from holding up her wooden practice stick for an hour. Steele keen blue eyes noted the fatigue in her movements and pursed his lips. While not a hard teacher, he did like to push Sarah to her limits in an attempt to get the best out of her, and she rarely complained or admitted she was tired.

“Sarah, go take a break, I need to stretch myself.”

Looking more then a little relieved Sarah dropped the sword and sank into the soft dirt and laid down her face up to the brilliant blue sky. Steele shook his head stabbing his wooden sword into the earth before wiping his brow and his silver hair out of his eyes. He then looked over to Emmy and called. “You wouldn’t happen to want lessons too would you?” He teased as he walked over to fence close to her.

She snorted quite unladylike before responding, “Right.” In a sarcastic tone. She was quite renowned for her skill with a sword even though she had only been there a few month. She had shown up one day at the sparring grounds and had challenged one of the knights to a match. He had laughed at her and didn’t take her seriously. It wasn’t until she whipped out her sword and forced him to fight that she was taken seriously. With her skill she had won quite a few matches and had learned some new tricks. Now she was one of the guys and sat swapping stories and sparring with them on a regular basis. And Steele was one of those guys.

It was obvious he was taken to Epiphany but she really didn’t seem to notice or care about him in that manner, which while it disappointed Steele, he was glad to spend sometime with her, even if it meant they were fighting one on one in some ring. Flashing a smile at her Steele cleared his throat while he rubbed the back of his head with one head nervously.

“So Epiphany, did you want to spar tomorrow?”
“I don’t see why not.” A boyish grin lit up her face. “Try not to trip this time.”
“I’ll try,” he replied chuckling his face taking on a slight reddish tint.

Steele began to say something but never got it out as he was knocked to the ground as an explosion of pure force hit him. He choked as he tried to regain his breathe his hands digging into the soil preparing to push himself up as he looked around wildly for whatever had caused the Explosion. Standing close to Sarah was a dark cloaked figure who was pulling Sarah up roughly a knife in his hand. She began to struggle but once he got the knife to her throat she froze motionless waiting for his next action. Epiphany lay close by having been knocked off the fence, and she began to pull herself up a hand to her head as her green eyes darted fiercely around.

“So…I find you unprepared to face me!” A shrill nasally voice cries from under the hood cause Sarah to wince at the sound.

By then Steele was standing and his light blue eyes where a bit different looking. They seemed to be consumed with fire and his brows were narrowed into a glare. He didn’t like being interrupted when he was having a lesson. And Epiphany hated being knocked off a fence. She was standing her own green eyes narrowed into a venomous gaze as she stared at the man threatening her sister.

“Who are you?” Emmy called in a contemptuous tone.

“I am Alutard! The great and intelligent and mastermindedly evil bloodsucking vampire from Fryse!” He pauses for dramatic effect. “MWHOHOHOHO!”

Steele’s eyes return to normal and Epiphany rolls hers. Once more Sarah was attempting to be kidnapped by a somewhat skilled amateur. The only thin he had going for him though was the knife at Sarah’s throat, perhaps a distraction was in order.

“Anything else O great Alutard?” Emmy scoffs crossing her arms. “And why have bloodsucking in your intro, it’s a little redundant.”

He scowls. “DO NOT QUESTION ME!” He shouts this red eyes from under his hood appearing and glaring at Emmy.

“My Mistake Great Alutard,” Emmy says tapping her foot. “Now hurry up we don’t have all day.”

Steele snickers and Alutard makes a hissing noise. “You doubt my power? You think I am kidding??!?!?!?!” He fairly shrieks this in her nasally voice and takes a step towards Emmy a fist raised in anger. In fact, he was a bit to focused on Emmy and forgot his prisoner. Or, at least he did until he felt a pain in his foot as the heel of Sapphy’s boot crushed it and then he remembered even more as a sharp pain exploded in his groin from Sarah’s well aimed elbow. Doubling over his knife falling into the dirt Sarah scrambled away as Emmy leaped over the fence drawing her sword along with Steele. With two swords aimed at him their wielders obviously not in the mood for games he began to cry and shriek. “Don’t kill me! I needed the money! Oh gods don’t stab me! I need to live!”

“You are pathetic!” Epiphany says staring at him with an annoyed expression.

“Agreed.” Steele added nodding. “Now, should we begin to cut him from the top, or bottom?”

At that comment the shrieks dissolved into incoherent cries and whines.

“Well…” Sarah said coming to stand by Emmy. “We at least know someone paid him, and he just didn’t decide to drop in.

“True. Who sent you?” Steele barked,

Alutard went silent for a moment. Steele blade began to inch close to his lower extremities and the vampire shouted, “Alright! I found a flyer, they’re all over the other kingdoms! They offer 5000 gold is we bring in that girl dead or alive.”

The three of them wince as he whines in his obnoxious voice.

“So someone wants me dead?” Sarah asked her face going a bit white.

“HERE!” Alutard shouts (as much as whiney nasally vampires can) digging into his cloak and pulling out a crumbled flyer. Steele leans in grabbing it gingerly and examines it before handing it to Emmy who looks at it with Sarah.

The flyer is plain starting with large text “Wanted Dead or Alive…. Sarah Carmen Lunae Cura Gloria Philosophia Domina Memoriae Callistae.” And then a decent drawing of Sarah with text underneath. “REWARD: 5000 gold. Bring to Lady Valentine in Shide.”

“Well.” Sarah begins after reading it. “At least the picture looks like me.”

Also… If anyone thinkgs of a good title, I might steal it if you tell me. hint hint <<

I almost groaned aloud with Alutard’s (is that supposed to be “Alucard?”) cartoon villain dialogue, but then I caught on he was just a pathetic poser. The identical-but-opposite sisters is an old idea but it’s interesting if handled well; hopefully Sarah will be shown to be strong and effective as well, though NOT necessarilly in the same way as Epiphany (great name, btw.) Ladies of the Court could be smart, powerful and dangerous in their own ways within the right circumstances. Some concubines held more power than some nobles in medieval europe. Oh, and don’t have Epiphany be TOO perfect- that gets annoying. Have her show some vulnerability. Like falling in love.

Only real complaint: you need better punctuation. Some of your sentences are really two running into each other. That’s annoying to read.

Otherwise, good work so far.

I’d suggest a title, but I suck at naming things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. Yeah, my punctuation etc, is lacking in my brain department >>

Hopefully I did better in Chap 2, though I just read you comment, so punctuation I’m sure is an issue at times >>

Also, while Epiphany seems perfect on the outside at times on the inside she really is unsure and looks to Sarah for insight as you will see (hopefully <<) as the story goes on. So Far Sarah’s just been a bit airheaded and continues that way for a bit. But I have reasons!

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Chapter 2

A few hours later the trio sat in the bar sharing a round of drinks, and by drinks I mean the closest thing to root beer. They had dragged the ‘vampire’, Alutard to the jail and after some questioning and removing his cloak, he was revealed to be a magician with little power. Locking him up along with the other motley crew of people already in there for trying to kill or kidnap Sarah, they left the jail and headed for the nearest tavern to plot. So there they sat plotting away, and by plot I mean, do nothing and stare at the flyer on the table.

“You are right dear sister.” Emmy said after taking a sip from her foamy mug. “It does resemble you and they even remembered you have glasses.”

Sarah nodded solemnly while Steele stared at them for a moment. “I like how you both concentrate on the picture instead of thinking of who might want to kill Sarah.” His comment is laced with some sarcasm and Epiphany looks at him her gaze steady. “You see…We are thinking of it, while we comment.”

Nodding Sarah chugs down her mug in a very unbecoming manner before setting it down with a thunk.

“Perhaps, some enemies of our parents still exist?”

Epiphany looks thoughtful while Steele muses aloud, “That is entirely possible, while we’re on that subject, why haven’t you guys returned to Callista?”

“Well,” Sarah begins closing her eyes. “As heirs we were supposed to bound to the land to help rule it, but the land was cursed. When Callista was attacked by our foe our parents felt their footsteps on the soil and the whole land resisted them abetting their progress but they fought back with strong magic’s and poisoned the land. This weakened our parents greatly when they made the final stand before dying.” 

There is a pause as Sarah grows silent her eyes still closed as if she was reliving some memory. Epiphany clears her throat wrapping her hands around her mug tightly. “The land is tainted now, nothing will grow or live very long on it and many people have tried to free the curse that grips tightly to it. It is our belief that we will have to bound with the land and fight the poison once we are strong enough. But it seems doubtful that any of the enemy survived to hunt us, for our parents died, sacrificing themselves to destroy the enemy that prowled the land and attacked its people.”

Steele’s face is somber and he nods. “I’m sorry that they had to pass on like that. Who was it exactly who attacked you?”

Sarah sighs. “We actually do not know, they are people or creatures of evil from another realm that attempted to invade ours we suppose. We were only eleven when this happened, and so we don’t know many details about it.  Those who would died, so we really have no leads on who attacked us.”

“Alright.”  Steele nods and then changes the subject. “So we have three options.”

Sapphy and Emmy look at him intently, Sarah’s glasses reflecting the lanterns nearby. 

A little surprised to have earned their attention so quickly he went on hurriedly before they could get distracted. 

“You can stay here and have people continually attack you until someone succeeds, as we know there are signs posted for you through out the other kingdoms. Two, you can go into hiding until a safer time, Or! Hut this person down and question them about why they are attempting to have you killed.”

Sarah studies the table drawing imaginary figures on it with her finger while Emmy blinks.

“I pick option four?” Epiphany ventures.

“There is no option four!!” Steele says as he buries his face in his hands with a groan. After a second laughter breaks out as Sarah and Epiphany grin and snicker.  He glances up as their faces turn red from laughing. “You’re so serious Steele. Its great.” Sapphy says calming down. “Actually, we think we should go hunt this person down and find some things out.”

Steele grins slightly at them. “Well, if we gather some materials right now we theoretically could leave tomorrow.”

So it was decided they would leave tomorrow at daybreak by horse back. Five tomorrows passed before they were ready to leave. The twins had to say goodbye to everyone they had ever known in the area and received many gifts and supplies, some useful, most not. Steel grated slightly at the delay as they managed to thwart three more attempts to kidnap Sarah, and one confused attempt to get Emmy.

Now allow me to go into detail on this one. Of course the person thought Epiphany was Sarah, and on top of that he assumed that Emmy wouldn’t fight and was a weak woman. Never tell a woman’s rights activist that they are a weak woman who needs to be a meek good girl and come along to be kidnapped and killed. Specially if that woman has anger problems. Even more so if that person is psychotic and prone to violence. Emmy, is all those things and more. So after taking him to the hospital to be healed as he was bleeding out of many holes that had been created for him on his body, they let him go thinking Emmy’s ‘defense’ against his attack was more then enough punishment for one day.

Back to the story.

So when they finally left five days later around lunch time is was mounted on fine horses and with many a bag. Traveling for the first week was quite easy, with inns along the way, but as they left Shalorn and entered the land of Shide, inns became scarce and people less friendly. They found signs for Sarah’s capture along the road in numerous amounts and both Sarah and Emmy donned cloaks and left Steele to talk to people lest they be recognized. They traveled for about two and a half weeks before they finally found some information on Lady Valentine, and it came from an unusual source.

They were camped off the road and had their horses hobbled to prevent them from wandering off and were enjoying a late breakfast when a shriek rent the air and a blur of red and blue rushed through the camp followed by two figures who were shouting as they ran through. The three sat stunned for a moment before leaping up and giving chase on foot curious as to what was going on. After a few minutes they caught up and saw a man holding a young woman with vivid red hair by the arm as she growled at him. The other man was pulling out a knife and advancing as he spoke. We never find out was he was saying at the moment for Steele emerges into the clearing sword drawn and shouts, “Hold!”

All three look towards him glaring rudely as if her interrupted a conversation. 

“What do you want?” The man holding the woman asks pointedly his bushy eyebrow waggling. 

“I want to know why you are-“ and his sentence is cut off as the man screams all woman like. Steele stands there in shock as the man clutches his arm were the woman had bitten him. Emmy and Sapphy stood to Steele’s left and just stared as well.

“That damn bitch! Now look what you did! She got away!” The man continued cursing and shouting while the other one sheathed his knife. Glaring at them the men, the bushy eye browed one still shouting, wandered back towards the road while our party continued to stare at them dumbfounded.

“You guys can shut your jaws now, you don’t want anything nasty crawling into you mouth.”

Three heads snapped in the direction of the voice which came from a tree. The woman appeared hanging upside down in a tree her angular face smiling at them mischievously. Her long red hair hung straight down and a pair of fox like ears, black tips and all, sit on her head. Snickering she drops out of the tree twisting in midair and landing on her feet a tail now visible if white tip flashing as is dances around behind her gleefully. Enjoying their attention she asks, “What, never saw a Kitsune before?” 

“Not in person no.” Emmy says seeming to be familiar with the subject. Steele shakes his head while Sarah continues to stare.

“Well…Now you have.” She grins walking closer ear flicking as her clawed hands rest at her hips, bracelets jangling on her arms as she moves. A bright blue corset adorns her top while she wears a black skirt with leggings underneath. Her booted feet make little sound as she moves close to Steele stopping in front of him her tail pausing in its dance behind her. 

“And who are you?”  Icy blue eyes meet her dark cerulean ones and for a moment they stand there not speaking. 

“Steele. Steele Tempurai.” 

“What a nice name, a nice man who was going to play hero and save me. My thanks to you, as you did distract them long enough to let me free myself.”

Steele raises a brow. “Thanks?” He wasn’t sure if he had received a compliment or some form of a veiled insult. “And your name is?”

“Call me Kit. Or whatever you wish, I answer to most things.” She grins showing her sharp canines her tail resuming is flicking about.

“You…You have a fluffy tail!!” Sarah shouts seeming to snap out of whatever world she was in her eyes lighting up. 

	Kit seems taken aback as she responds looking at Sarah oddly. “Why yes, I do.”

“I want one!” She squeals clapping her hands together as is now Kits turn to stare. Emmy smiles placing her hands on Sapphy’s shoulders gently pulling her away. 

“Don’t worry about my sister, she’s always been a little odd in the head if you know what I mean.” 

Kit nods taking a cautious step back staring at Sarah oddly still. “And what’s your names?”

Without thinking Sarah responds, “Sarah and Emmy. I’m Sarah and I like your tail.”

With a knowing look Kit begins to wave, “I think I’m just going to go over here and-“

As she attempts to leave in one fluid motion Steele grabs her waving arm and twists it behind her back while pinning her other arm as well. Kit gasps involuntarily at the pain the runs down her arm as it is pinned to her back in an uncomfortable manner. “Forgive me, Ms. Kit, but you are going no where for the moment as we don’t need more enemies to deal with.” 

“Then forgive me for this.” She growls as her body erupts into flame engulfing her and him. Steele starts but tightens his grip closing his eyes as the flames surround him. Sarah and Epiphany scoot calmly away from the heat of the flames and wait with knowing smiles on their faces. As the seconds pass Kit seems to realize that the fire isn’t affecting Steele and she stops with a curious expression on her face. 

“Alright. You win I’ll stay for the moment if you will let me go.” She says sighing.

“And why should I trust you?” 

“You shouldn’t, but I’m curious and to be fair I do owe you for aiding in my escape from those men.”

Glancing over at Sapphy and Emmy for their input he releases her at their nods.

“So why were those men after you?”

“I kinda cheated them out of some money with a slight of hand card game thing.” She intones smiling. “I needed some money for food and they were gullible.”

Steele frowns and it’s obvious that he doesn’t approve of this behavior but he doesn’t really say anything. Seeing that Kit and Steele were done with their little fight Emmy and Sapphy walk over, Sarah’s whole attention focused on the tail.

“So my turn, why didn’t you burn?” Kit shoots back tilting her head.

“I specialize in fire magic and healing mostly. All my family works with fire in some form or another, it is rumored throughout my family that one of our first ancestors was a Phoenix who had taken a human form. Just a story mind you, but some of my family believes that one day the Phoenix will be reborn in one of us, so we are all trained to use fire magic to some degree.”

“Nice. Now since you are camping so boldly off the side of the road, and don’t seem to realize that everyone in the town 6 miles up the road is looking for Sarah over there.” She glances as Sarah who is still obsessing internally about Kit’s tail. “I will repay my debt and help you by informing you of a few things. One, Lady Valentine is in that town and basically owns it and the slave market that exists there. Two, everyone knows your face, so you should put your hoods back up since you are identical twins and you’re supposed to be hiding who you are I’m assuming, unless you want people after you in mobs for the gold she’s offering. And Three, there are about 10 people sneaking up from the north who most likely are after Lady Sarah, since you let those men get a clear look at her face and return to town.” 

And at that moment a group of armed people emerge from the woods shouting orders of surrender at them. Stunned the trio looks around not even getting a second to arm themselves, and in that moment Kit vanishes up a tree and is gone.

“Well, that could’ve gone better.” Sarah notes as she hold up her hands in surrender, her companions joining in the gesture.

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