Unlimited SaGa. My expectation.

So far based on what I’ve been able to study about it, I expect my favorite feature will be the battle system and the music. While the lack of err movement and simple dungeon design may bore me sometimes and the game may be a bit tedious for me. Actually I’m expecting that.

Still thanks to all the decent negative and positive comments I already have a good idea on exactly how I want to play the game as it were.

Yeah two weapons and two magics per person. And use the final panel on the grid as a simple extra one. And learn spells as soon as possible.

And of course play as Judy and Ruby first. Though I keep hearing Laura is beginner character so maybe I’ll cave in and play her first. Or maybe nto.

Ah well the main thing I figure is the best way to play it is expect a story book feel, be patient and except changes. Or maybe not.


I haven’t studied much about the game. All I’ve seen is how it looks, and I’ve heard the soundtrack.

I love the way it looks, and I like that they’re simplifying it in a way. I just like how Kawazu always tries different stuff. That’s what I like about the SaGa series. It’s just…always different. :stuck_out_tongue:

And personally, I don’t lke the music. the first time I heard the soundtrack, I thought it sucked. The second time, I decided that it was ok. Maybe they’ll be better in-game, but as standalone tunes they’re horrible. I found out later that actually, Hamauzu took a lot of songs that he wrote a long time ago and just spruced em up a bit, which is probly why it sounds bad. You just…you get better in composing as you go along. Your older songs will usually just be…worse. I know that someone here (Kero_Hazel) argued “Older music can be better; take Mitsuda’s works on Chrono Trigger for example”…and i guess that can be true. But the thing is, it usually isn’t. Even with CT, I believe that Uematsu wrote the more memorable tracks on the CD. It’s nice overall, but I think Uematsu did the better songs.

Anyways…I’m just happy they’ve finally decided on an official North American release date. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which songs did Nobuo do for CT anyway? Did he do the final boss tune?