Unlimited Blade Works to get movie adaptation.

Release date is listed as 23rd of January, 2010.

The Bad:
It’s being handled by Studio DEEN, same as the anime. While Fate was light years better than the shitfest that was J.C. Staff’s Tsukihime, the anime still sorta lacked strength and atmosphere in some vital scenes, added that infamous groanworthy pose during that one battle (I’m look at you, Archer) and the visual effects looked pretty damn downplayed when it came to the large-scale fuck-you weaponry. And not to sound like an asshole, but after showing us Ufotable’s rendition of Kara no Kyoukai, this is one gigantic downgrade.

Also, uh… what the hell is wrong with Saber’s face in this poster?

The Good:
It’s goddamned UBW, so in the off chance this works okay, it could be absolutely awesome. Who knows, maybe with enough money and the sense to focus on only one goddamned route instead of trying to cram so much shit in, they might magically cough up something decent. The whole deal with Caster could certainly be shortened a whole lot, so a well-paced movie seems plausible.

So long as half the budget goes into the Answer and Unlimited Blade Works scenes. In fact, fuck the rest of the movie, just make those scenes well and the rest could be stick figures for all I care.

I saw this mentioned on ANN a few days ago, and I’m pretty psyched about it. I didn’t know much about FSN until I saw the anime, and even though I liked it the thing that I noticed more than anything was that it was just so freaking pretty. I hope the trend continues.


I want 100% of the budget to go into the UBW scenes. :<

Also Saber doesn’t usually have bottom eyelash bolding, so that’s why it looks weird.

C76 recently coughed up a trailer. I’ll admit, it looks pretty damn good. Nice bait-and-switch too, I like how they’re showing so much of Saber in a story in which she’s highly secondary and Shirou shows up in like two shots.

Aaaand its gone. :frowning: