Unexpected consequences.

Wow. That is very, very, scary.

With a little luck more people will vote as I did and we will have a different president to ridicule for the next 4 years.

Watch out Trill, those comments might be misconstrued as you wanting to set fire to GWB :P.

<strike>BOMB THE WHITE HOUSE.</strike>

whistles They’ll never see it when it’s struck.

Cala I would run now, they probaly just read that post. Just playin. But umm WHAT!!!.

Really why im just screwing with the whole voting thing. Im for Kerry, but god damn, it just makes me go crazy all this presidental crap. Thats wrong what they did to her. Just wrong.

It’s not just Bush. The entire Republican party is drunk with power. They need to be stopped at all costs. Let’s just wait for the Echelon program to eventually disintegrate, since Bush pissed all the funds to update it on Iraq.

Sorry, I don’t know if I believe that. : \ That’s just… Retarded. People run around screaming shit like “I’LL CHOP HIS FUCKING HEAD OFF!!!” and don’t get in any trouble. O_o

I think we Canadians need to burn the white house again.

T’was no glitch, it was Big Brother editing out a few choice details and then reposting it.

Holy fucking shit fuck. What the hell is wrong with that country? Hell, what the hell is wrong with the person who reported them? I mean come the fuck on, it was a fucking joke. This is the first instance I’ve seen of anything like this and I mean, Jesus Christ…
Edit: I realize that some people might be offended by the language here, although it’s not likely, but I honestly just felt that strongly about it. Probably because my country had to deal with the same shit as this before we rebelled and we study this in history and I just didn’t realize… Note, I’m not suggesting rebellion is the way out of this.

There is a difference between satires, and threatening a person’s life. Common, if the country was as bad as you said it was, we woulnd’t have editorial cartoons or the daily show

In person, maybe, but this is the internet. anyone can see what you say or do simply by typing a few things

Jing, these sorts of things just happen every once in a while in America. :confused: In the history of america, every once in a while, some sort of legal act is passed that causes us to forfeit some of our liberties. Normally, the public receives it well at first, just as the U.S Public seemed to embrace the Patriot Act at first; however, power corrupts indefinitely. Someone in history always took it one step too far, and that always caused the acts to be repealed. Appearantly, there are some very important additions to the Patriot Act, but, as you can see, it has its serious flaws. opposing candidate John Kerry has made references to this during the presidential debates. Let’s hope that if he is elected, the necesary changes will be made BEFORE some chump steps over the line. This shit is pretty ridiculous.

This is pretty damn scary. And you people laughed at me for having a few internet pages blocked. points and laughs :stuck_out_tongue:


Has anybody even CONSIDERED the fact that this entire story is based on the testimonial of some random person’s Live Journal? I mean, this could just be some kid making up a story for shits and giggles, a Bush-hater trying to rake some muck, or it could be (to put it in Bushian terms) “kind of one of those exaggerations”. I’m not saying that she is lying (if it IS a she… I think Celes, Cala and Val have taught us never to take gender on the internet for granted), but I’m saying it’s a very, very, very real possibility.

As Lanyx pointed out, people fucking insult Bush to the point of ridiculousness CONSTANTLY on the internet (same with other candidates, but Bush seems to bear the brunt of it). And Big_Dizzy, yes, I said ON THE INTERNET, the very place where “anyone can see what you say or do simply by typing a few things”. Do you really think the “Sekkrit Service” (as the Live Journal author coined them) visits everybody that harshly insults Bush?

People seem to forget that Kerry supported and voted for the Patriot Act. And yes, I know Kerry believes (rightfully so) that it needs to be reworked, and he doesn’t support the so-called Patriot Act II (again, rightfully so), but the Patriot Act, idealistically, is not evil in and of itself.

<b>BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY</b>, I don’t think anybody is considering the fact that the Secret Service didn’t tap into her computer or anything to get the message. I read the very next message she posted, and it explicitely says that another LJ member “turned her in”. And satire is satire, but if political cartoons started popping up where the president was getting decapitated, or people started organizing marches in Washington announcing that Dubya should be killed, the line has been crossed. That’s where the difference is. Making jokes about killing people, even if they’re just jokes, has no place in decent society. I mean, I really, really dislike Michael Moore, but I would never go on the internet spouting off that he should be killed or harmed (physically OR emotionally), because like him or hate him, he’s a human being and has the right to be treated as such (and given the same amount of respect as any other person). But I’m getting off on a tangent. But yeah, if the story is true, it’s still a major over-reaction, and the other LJ user had no business reporting her (she’s just some random LJ user, after all), but the Secret Service does have to take perceived threats seriously, otherwise they wouldn’t be doing their job.

But the most important thing, and I want to repeat it, is that this “incident” didn’t occur because of some Governmental spying (if it occurred at all). It happened because of some snitch. And snitches have plagued mankind for all time, not just the era of the Patriot Act (I’m looking at you, Benedict Arnold!).

But I’m sure none of you care about all that, and just want to use this as another opportunity to insult Bush/Republicans/America.

Those are my two cents (I had a more eloquent response written up before my fucking computer restarted, erasing my previous response). But I do admit it’s almost kind of funny in a perverse way watching everybody over-react all the time like America is under martial law after little or no provocation. And I’m planning on voting for Kerry, but the more I listen to his supporters, the more I DON’T want to vote for him. I now have no real problems with Kerry himself (UNLIKE most of his supporters, ironically), but most of the other people I’ve run into that are planning on voting for Kerry are extremely abrasive, and I do have a problem with that.

This is too much! What the hell do those idiots think they’re doing?! If anyone tried to pull those stunts in Europe, they’d get compared to Hitler and Stalin in a heartbeat. That bastard Bush and his totalitarian friends are insulting the memory of all the victims of tyranny. I swear, he must have a godhood complex or something.

This is beginning to look increasingly like the Cold War. Of course you know that megalomaniacs with totalitarian tendencies need to keep coming up with new enemies to keep the people afraid. At this rate, who’s Bush going to pick on next, the Canadians?

Hiryuu has a valid point there. But just in case it is true, I’ll point and laugh in advance :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, Manus, I think they’d rather be compared to the former GDR regime. :stuck_out_tongue: Hitler didn’t need to spy on people to have evidence as a justification for killing them. A simple “Your eyes are brown, your head is off” was more than enough :stuck_out_tongue:

True, DT, all too true.
The name STASI comes to mind when I think of American intelligence in this age. They’re getting increasingly intrusive in people’s private lives. The way they try to run over the Geneva convention and international law is also appalling. The whole Guantanamo situation is completely illegal, and the way they torture prisoners and try to hold them indefinitely are revolting. At this rate, Bush and his hawks could get the USA kicked out of the United Nations. Not that it matters though, since they have been ignoring the UN for decades now.

…you might not want to compare the StaSi to the CIA. o.o;

Why do you think that? I’m beginning to see a pattern in their way of acting.