I saw this game starring up at me from the bottom of the bargain bin. It looked fairly good, and since I like FPSes anyway, I thought I might just give it a go. It was $10 well-spent, if you ask me.

Since I like dark games, Undying is a perfect candidate for a great game. I’ve only played for about a half hour, and the mood is already getting pretty dark. The story is that these five siblings in Ireland decide to recite some ritual their occultist dad left lying around. It ends up cursing the five, causing them to die gruesome and unexpected deaths. Soon only the oldest, Jeremiah, is left. He sends for his friend from the war, Patrick Galloway, to come and find out what’s happening. Naturally, things go straight to hell the moment he arrives.

The weapons are limited, but match the era well. You won’t get massive sub-machine guns or rocket launchers; you get the likes of a revolver, a shotgun, and a scythe, along with a handful of others. Also, you get to use magic on your enemies, which is a pretty good thing considering your lack of giant guns.

I would go into more depth, but I have to go right now.

I was thinking about buying this game, but every time I saw it at a store, my computer was below the minimum requirements…

But, I heard the story was rather optional, and at its heart, it was still a shoot everything that moves shooter.

Man… that game is fucked up. That’s why I liked the demo.