Underground cinema found in the catacombs of Paris

How very avant garde


awesome… sounds kinda like a movie… with the note, ‘do not try to find us’
doesn’t something like that atract even more searchers…

Very interesting. Sounds like it could be some secret society. But then it could also have been a group of kids.

Also, I believe it’s spelt Avant Garde, could be wrong though.

you’re right Urkani it’s spelled avant garde…
but I don’t think kids would be so clear of mind(at that time being discovered and all) to cut the lines and leave a note… they would just leave and never return… or at least that’s what I would do

I dunno, some kids would, just to make themselves feel badass.

If I was bored I would probably go to that…

It’s one of my life goals to explore Les Catacombes.


You Do Not Talk About Film Club.

Is avant garde the new cool term to use or something?

Was it Illuminati movie night?

Now I want to play Deus Ex again. You people suck.

It’s one of them. It’s still not yet as cool as using EXTREME!!! to describe everything under the sun, from music to auto insurance, but it’s getting up there.

And I thought Midnight Club 2 team was just making those tunnels for a Laugh.

Gives the french a tradtional English gesture to insult them. Oringally meant “I can Still a Longbow!”

Big Nutter
So No Mention of Tetris Playing Russians then.

That’s pretty hardcore, I’m glad to know places like that DO exist so that when I go on my “travel around teh world” trip, I can actually find scarry places of mystery and WONDER!

And scarry skull walls.

Nah, that reminds me more of Painkiller.

Ahh… all the cool shit happens in Europe. ;p I have to save up so I can head over there next summer… maybe participate in some underground “picnics” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

you’re right Urkani it’s <i>spelled</i> avant garde…
No, I think he meant spelt. You know, that alternate way to spell spelled which is also correct?

really? never knew that… how strange…