Underdog- the LIVE ACTION movie???

Yeah, I thought this was a joke too.

How do the Hollywood people come up with these ideas?

I checked on IMDB to confirm that it exists. Uh… yeah. This is going to be a flop.

I can only hope.

That’s just it. They ran out of ideas a long time ago.

Edit: it’s… a REAL dog… Dear satan almighty. I hate hollywood.

I recall a discussion in my Theatre class about how in this day and age, the entertainment industry, particularly for movies, seem to feel that coming up with new ideas is risky, so it’s better to take older ideas and try to redo them, to appeal to people’s nostalgia about the “good old days.”

Obviously, they didn’t bother thinking this one out all that much.

Its more than just the entertainment industry. Its the whole alternative medicine industry and its fucking scary. Its a cultural phenomenon.

I can’t help but laugh very hardly at the movie’s current tag line XD


You know, I was doing a little thinking, and I’m wondering if this isn’t so much a case of an existing property being reimagined by Holywood as it is a case of their appropriating an existing name for an idea someone came up with. In other words, some hotshot producer may have decided to do a Superhero Dog movie, combining two current popular trends into one (and yes, dog movies are still popular. I think Bud the Sports-playing dog is on his third or fourth movie already.) Except they can’t call it “Superdog” because DC comics has that name trademarked. The solution? Find and buy an existing name and just apply it to the movie, never mind its connection to the original.

This is just an opinion, of course. I’ll have to investigate this further.

And yeah, that tagline was funny. Bet you they won’t really end up using it later on, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really obscure trivia: Back when the original Superman TV show was airing, a version called ‘Superpup’, to be played by midgets wearing big dog-head masks- was actually considered! I know this is true because I’ve seen a still from the pilot episode, which was (thankfully) never aired.

No, I’m pretty sure it’s a live action update of a classic cartoon franchise (Scooby Doo, Garfield (comic, but you know), Rocky and Bullwinkle, etc, etc)

Just curious, but what “alternative medicine industry” are you referring? Those cheap mexican knock-offs you get off the internet or what?

Originally Posted by Sorcerer
Just curious, but what “alternative medicine industry” are you referring? Those cheap mexican knock-offs you get off the internet or what?

I would assume he’s referring to those expensive herb, root, and weed knock-offs you get off the internet.

Which, one should assume, that some of these Hollywood writers are on.:booster:

I can only conclude that Simon Barr Sinister is behind this film. I liked the Underdog cartoon, but this will be to that what what the New Misfits are to the Danzig Misfits. If it’ll be New Misfits good, which is dubious. And I fucking hate the new misfits.

Danzig Misfits=Lynott Thin Lizzy I mean, doh!