Unanswered questions.

Allright. I’m creating the first quests on my campaign. 3e. I came up with great ideas for characters level 1-4, but some question came unanswered when it’ll come to create a key NPC…

A female drow child. Yes, a kid. I’m using the commoner template, but I’m unsure on how early age would affect her stats, skills, and feat. I need a stats block done for an escort mission. After searching the PHB and the DMG, I couldn’t find out…

*How old will the child be if she’s 10-12 in human years? (IE: Still not a teen)
*What effect on her stat block will such a low age be?

I recall children having +1 dex and -1 to intelligence and wisdom, but I’ll be damned if I remember where I got that from.

Just do what you think is appropiate, it’s not really a huge issue. Also, fucking drow.

how about size? kids are generally smaller than their adult counterpart. said npc could be small and have the effects related to it?