Ummmmmmm, hi?

Yeah, I’m Pirate Cortez, and I enjoy the main site alot, and other stuff.


shrink your sig.



Welcome, Pirate. Hope you enjoy the site, and that you’ll hang around here often.

Tips for Newbies #1: Read other people’s posts for a while before you start posting threads or comments, so you’ll learn how things work here first.


Hi! I’m your resident dangerously hyper cat girl with a bazooka! And, this is Rikku.


Hello and Welcome! Finally someone to balance out the pirate-ninja ratio!

…well, I guess I have to come in to present the Jedi ratio to you all.

Welcome. I have been here for a few years, and find this to be a great source on many things. I hope you find it just as enjoyable as I have.

People still play Maple Story? @_@

That’s a lot of m’s for such a little thread.

But, ello.

Tip #2: Read and and The Most recently updated to Understand What Myself and Kirokokori have with sprites. Anyways I’m Big Nutter, aka he-whom-got-headache-from-eating-icecream-too-fast. Can’t Beat Mint Choc chip, though!!

(Heehee!) The Name’s WindyTWIT. Plain Vanilla…

(Hij houdt van speel koel het! (He Loves playing it cool!)) My na… My name Dark Angel… Ice cream: BLOED!!! (Blood!!!) 2k, you turn?

Nutter’s Sprite CreW
Ok, How Much I “Love” these Theads… PLease Call me 2k or 2000 if like. I am Contactally bound to ask: “What would you like to do today?” I hope I can get some Triple Choc Chip Ice cream Later… (Now If that Dutch Angel with Vampire tendances wasn’t keeping me on a lead…)

Hey, welcome.

Good. We’ll keelhaul us some pretentious limp-wristedy ninjas now.

Oh, dear; more people.

dramatic expression

I simply cannot go on like this. So many people, so little time to screw them over. So much to say, and yet so little time in which to say it. collapses in shock

Anyways, welcome to the RPGCForums. May your–

have you theen my kitty?

–stay be a most pleasing one. Now, if you excuse me, I have places to see and people to do. Toodles. leaps off roof in a batman cape and floats away

Hey a new member…INICIATION TIME (muahahaha)

As a sort of personal rule, try not to take anything said here too seriously. Unless of course it comes from a mod, or something. Those guys are usually quite serious.

Anyway, welcome and whatever.

Don’t Upset Sin or suffer the Consequences. Ask… I can not find any one that has done it recently and are here… Sorry



Greetings Cortez the pirate. welcome to RPGC. please enjoy kirby’s welcome dance. 2.0

:moogle: Rule#143: Under no cercomstances are you to mention how Sinistral looks like the green/white/red/black ranger.

Look, someone who plays Maple Story. Interesting…

Welcome to the forums. Please remember to protect your sanity during your stay.