Umm... Hi

Ummm I guess this is where I would put my welcome thread. Im already lovin the custom smiles :bowser: :no2: :runaway: . I guess thats really all I have to say for right now, not really much of a speaker as you will probaly find out. Unless you are talking about something I really care about. Something to make me:thinking:.

Welcome and enjoy your stay. Here’s a Pi in the sky.

Kind of an odd place for somebody who doesn’t really like to talk.

How so?

Well, I mean, if you don’t talk much, why come to a place that is comprised solely of people having conversations?

Don’t worry about it. I didn’t participate much when I first joined. You’ll porobably find something to talk about in th main forum. Just about anything gets talked about here.

Eh, Im not much of a talker either, its no sin to be quiet.

Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Now dance for us! :dancer:

Welcome TheLoneFrog, hope you like your stay around these here parts. Cheers mate :toast:

shoots gun

Hello, nice to meet you. ^^
Have a cookie hands you a cookie

RPGClassics EULA: We now own your soul. Have a nice day! Oh, and here’s a free Munak.





Hello and welcome. Parade to honor you.

Um… Hello.

Welcome and enjoy your stay!

hands him a complimentary bag of Peanuts


Hello and welcome!


Have a sugar-coated shinkuu-hadouken for your troubles.

Dear LoneFrog,

Salve! Welcome and hello!
It’s no problem if you’re quiet, we love all types here. You might find that the longer you stay, the more active you’ll become, or you might not; either is fine.

much love,

Well thanks. Your welcome is well appreicated. I think you guys make a point, I think the more I post the more talkative I will be. Well thanks for the welcome and here ya go GG I will dance also. :dancer:

Well, HUZZAH! Another CT fan. A much welcomed addition… in MY books, anyways. One thing you oughtta watch for… the mysterious morphothreads. It starts on a topic… and then blends into another, entirely different one! It’s like magic. :mwahaha: