umm..hack/mutation help PLEASE!

sry if this was posted before by someone else but I need help fightin that “LEAF” dude. I have 99 health potions the whole healing bit, Im level 55 and so is everyone else. i even read the FREAKIN FAQS and I still cant beat the stupid boss.I have given up hope of ever beating it…HELP

Is this the worm like(Forgot how it looked) monster that has an attack that almost kills (If not always)your party?because if it is the the only way to avoid it is to kill the egg like things that it leaves in his trail,possibly with Kite as the others kill it and then DD,then don’t worry about the attack as it looses it.

OK I taken Mistral and Blackrose. I can’t remember what level I was at.

I made sure that Mistral had Ola Repth, if not then Ol Repth. I gave her the First Aid command soon after start battle. I even gave her several Revives before going through the Mist door.

Since I’d been giving her all the Heavy equip she had the best Sword So far Using Must do quests. I regually had her in my party if I had Mistral or Elk would alow it. I had her “DESINATE TARGET” comand on the atcual Data Monster. (It’s a worse than a Databug) I gave her 5 Reveives just incase.

Kite (You)
Attack the Leaves as they drop off. You get each one with a hit. Replenish Minstrals SP and revive when need be.

I’ve only been KO by it once and Killed it the second time.

Big Nutter
I’ve done the Twin head first time, too.

Ive done all that before and still got my ass kicked…I THINK THERE IS A DEFECT IN MY GAME!

Defect in your brain! Do not give up. Just do as they say and kill the leaves while your party kills him.

let me quote myself for a moment…

I appreciate the support but do any of you have different ideas :slight_smile:

Each Leaf has a little Timer over it. You got about 5 seconds per leaf. More leaves More Damage when they blow. You should use a Speed charm on Kite early on.

!!Use the Square Button!!! Remeber you can Give comands to inderviuals as well as group.
Group -> Gen. Strat -> Indervidual.

I’m buying PT4 next payday…

Just do as Nutter said. Its not difficult at all.

speed charm? never thought of that…THANKS!