Ugh, release dates...

So now Magna Carta is the same day as DQ8? And WA:ACF?
Who else wants to put out a game next week?
My money’s probably on DQ8, partly because DQ8 demo is interesting, and partly for the FF12 demo. Yet Atlus games sell out quick… Probably wait on WA.

I thought I would have a tough decsion to make among DQ8, Fire Emblem, and Suikoden Tactics, but I really don’t. I won’t be getting any of them. It’s not that don’t have the money, but I have a backlog of games I want to finish first. Well, that any neither of them seem “wow, I gotta play that now” good. DQ8 lets me down because there’s no class system and seems rather tedious, Suikoden Tactics doesn’t seem to have any dynamics gameplay features, and Fire Emblem’s graphics suck.

If anybody has any “hand-on” reviews that may change my mind, let me know.

Magna Carta? As in drawn by king-of-borderline-porno-drawings Hyung Tae Kim Magna Carta?

Dragon Quest VIII doesn’t seem any more or less tedious to me than other Dragon Quest games. I was actually pretty shocked by how similar to the other Dragon Quest games it seemed, despite it being in 3D (which is definitely a good thing for me).

As for the new Fire Emblem game… I haven’t played it yet, but I would say that graphics would matter less in tactical RPGs than in any other type of RPG… and almost any other type of game period. Most Tactical RPGs seem to have average to below average graphics, and that’s never really hurt the genre. But to each his own, I guess.

KingMike: Since it’s your birthday… why not see if you can convince somebody to buy you one of those games as a late birthday present or something? =P

Not the one done in 1225…

Well maybe, tedious isn’t the right word. I just don’t like the “skill points” system and hate that they cut the class system out. I may still consider getting it, I’m just going to wait until what people have to say about it.

I’ve been hearing good things about Fire Emblem too, but I don’t like the “paper/rocks/scissors” type fighting system over statistics. One review author said exactly what I was thinking when he said he was spoiled by the NIS SRPG’s depth. Again, I’m not totally dissing any choices, but I’m going to wait until I can get some hands on information.

It looks like I can finally afford buying RPGs again… man, I miss buying and completing a new game each month. I haven’t played one since FFX2. The one I’m really looking for is the Wild Arms remake. I MAY give DQ8 a chance, despite my bad experiences with DQ7. And Suikoden Tactics? Now that’s a natural idea, what took them so long? Might be fun to play- but first I gotta find and play Suikoden 3 and 4.

What bad experiences with DQ7? I liked it.

Suikoden III and IV arent’t that rare, you should be able to find a used copy online. Sukioden Tactic’s story takes place before, during, and after Suikoden IV, so you should play it first.

I think everyone knows where my money is… Well, all of them, actually. But mainly DQ8. I didn’t realize that WA:ACF was coming out so soon. Two months later, WA4 comes out. Wow. I need to start paying more attention to release dates. The only one I’ve been interested in lately is that Final Fantasy IV, my favorite in the series, comes out on my birthday this year (well, it ships on my birthday, which means it’ll come out the day later).

What bad experiences with DQ7? I liked it.

DQ7 isn’t a bad game. In fact, it’s fairly standard, which is good enough to me. Problem is, it’s too blasted LONG- and I’m used to playing up to 100 hours on RPGs. The first time I played it, I played for four straight days (as in, nonstop- it was a Xmas gift) and only was about 2/3ds of the way thru when I had my first seizure and had to stop playing games until I got checked to make sure the gaming wasn’t causing them. A year later I tried it again but got bored midway, because, on top of its lenght, it’s too repetitive- too many similar locales, mosters, events, etc. If the game were less than half as long, it would be more enjoyable. I fear DQ8 will be the same (at least it’s graphics are much better looking… if too much DBZ-like.)

I take it you haven’t played any of the NIS SRPGS then. I’m now currently playing Makai Kingdom and I’m easily 150 hours+ into it. I can finish the game easily, I’m just levelling up to beat all the hidden bosses.

May I suggest not playing for days on end? I love games too but the most I’ve ever played one non-stop is like 8 hours.

Back when FFIV came out, I played it for just over 24 hours straight… I then stood up and passed out from lack of energy. I hit my head on the counter on the way down, and when I came to, I realized I should probably eat… >_>

I have to pee every 3 hours… So I get refesments or a meal about then… Since My PS2 and Cube is in my bedroom and I share with my bro. So I get 16 hours a day tops, unless he is out for a night.

I managed 20 hours on GBPlayer and GBA with TA.

…and I thought I had no life.

Of course I’m getting DQ8 - I’m totally pysched about it. :smiley:
However, no playing for me until the weekend at least probably… starting next week I’m working on a big project just about on my own (but I might have help, I hope I hope I hope), and I’ll be working longer hours, yuck. :\

Well, it’s official- my next RPG is going to be Wild Arms- Alter Code F! :biggrin: I just reserved a copy (and the game guide too) at a local Gamestop. I had to, after I realized that the original game is NOT in my collection- I must’ve rented it out, or otherwise lost it years ago. Unacceptable!!

And btw, no, I normally don’t spend whole days playing- again, that was during the 2003 Xmas day vacations, when I had nothing to do and I had just gotten a game that I was desperate to finish (DQ8). Even then, I assure you I did go out, log on the net, go to the bathroom, eat, etc. I simply used most of my free time for playing. Never committed that mistake again, trust me.